70’s is a animated musical romantic film.

Plot: In flashback, a young Danny Badd is listing to Elvis Presley record in his room, dreams of rock star, at school, Danny perform in talant show. A Hollywood agent who encourages Danny to pursue a career in show business. So he travels from Kokomo, Indiana to Hollywood in hopes of starting a career in years later Danny has risen to fame in the city, thanks to his manager Pinky Fizzback. At a show featuring an Elvis-type theme, after the show Danny Badd, as he searches for talent in Hollywood without be see in public. When his car breaks down, Danny encounters a woman named Brittany Cleo his old college sweetheart. Both meet up, where Danny and Brittany begin bickering, each claiming they can "out-rock and roll" the other. They are seen by Pinky Fizzback. Danny turns to Brittany, who is falling in love with him they decide to go for a date. Danny is seen trying on various outfits before pink t-shirt and jeans, then meeting up with Brittany at a night club and dancing to the tune there, where the first two verses of the song are played, to the applause of the clubgoers. Then go drive-in restaurant have dinner. Next spending some time at a roller rink. And last drive-in theater. While they sit on top of the hill at Lovers' lane in Danny's car to watch the sunset, however in an act of spontaneity, Danny and Brittany start making out. Brittany urges Danny to marriage, Danny refuses and storms off, leaving Brittany disappointed and angry. As Danny exits just then, Fizzback comes out of the shadows and kidnaps Brittany, a helicopter, shining their spotlight down on Danny. Instead, Danny ends up in jail and sing the song "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" and meanwhile Fizzback makes Danny go to the concert. Fizzback explains (in a mean way) that the contract Danny signed wasn't an acting contract: it was adoption forms. Pinky then leaves Brittany locked in a warehouse but manages to escape. Brittany sneaks into the concert, but gets ejected by security. With the commotion seen, Danny realize that he been tricked and, deciding that he have had enough of Fizzback, he stall the concert, and have Pinky Fizzback arrested for false advertising. Brittany then becomes Danny's manager on his tour and plays guitar with Danny on stage.

Songs Rock Your Socks Off Treasure Hunting Fever - Glen Campbell The Girls and Boys of Rock and Roll I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Elvis Presley Send Love Through - Deborah Harry and Robin Zander

Voice Cast Jeff Bennett as Danny Badd, the main character and a rock and roller. He is also based on the superstar Elvis Presley. Donna Christie as Brittany Cleo, the second main character and a singer, a dancer and a jogger. Todd Tolces as Pinky Fizzback, Danny Badd’s manager and the main antagonist of the film.

The Girls and Boys of Rock and Roll (new version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hRq6b6jF44

If you want to read the script of this movie click on this link: http://alexr.wikia.com/wiki/70's_Script

Trivia ◾ The animation is a 1988 style.

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