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Is a American horror fantasy-themed anthology animated television series.

Episode 1: Invasion of the Aliens At Santa Mira in a small town. A famer spies an capsule crashing down landing on a lake. The capsule opens up and reveals a astronaut emerges. The rod is featured on newpaper covers with the headline "Astronaut Return" and is given its own ticker-tape parade. Few months past in the nearby town of Lover's Lane two couple dating until see a object falling to Earth. They goes to find it, coming across something but quickly captured by unknown lights. Next morning at a hospital a doctor sees a number of patients apparently suffering from Capgras delusion – the belief that their relatives have somehow been replaced with identical-looking impostors. That same evening, Two reporters are sent to try to track down lead of the disappearance people last scene at small town in a forest. They notices the people there are acting strange. Arrive they comes to a rock, where it reveals a trap door underneath it. At the bottom of the trapdoor, they find an alien ship and reveal that an extraterrestrial life form is responsible. The reporters sneek away until one of the aliens spot them. The reporters manage to escape, but are soon they abducted by the aliens. Burnt out until they is start to wake up, realize they tied on on a stretcher and naked. The aliens starting to experiment on The reporters.

Episode 2: Night of the Hunt Colonel Major a formerly hunter having hunted all possible kinds of animals, now retire and living his mansion. But, while holding an ancient voodoo artifact wish he pouch from the tribe and start remembers of cheif warn him, but he ignored. One stroming night in trophy room while Colonel have tea at fire place he start to hear jungle drum. Suddenly ghost of the animals that he kill to attack, and kills him.

Episode 3: Sand of Time In the small town of Indiana, two egyptians brothers just moved with their mother to a new neighborhood and school. On the way to a school, they being attacked by a group of delinquents in back alley. After one of the brother trips on something and falls facefirst on the ground and finds a chest containing a ancient Egyptian scepter, and brings it with them. Later on, the class takes a field trip to an old museum to see the Egyptian exhibit. Inside, the tour guide tell that if the pharaoh's scepter get holding. Legends speak that the pharaoh will rise and possesses it great powers. As the class leaves to explore the rest of the exhibit, one of the brothers pull out his backpack, pick up the pharaoh's scepter and the brothers are quickly distracted, finding themselves rather shocked when they notice the pharaoh's scepter effigy looks exactly like the one that the brothers fond. One of brother tries to give the pharaoh's scepter to the museum, but the other brothers wanted the scepter all to hisself. So the brothers start argument and tries to claim for finding the scepter. One of brother tell his brother he can have it but promise to give it to the museum t. At night the spirit of the pharaoh visit one of the brothers, tell him was next in line to be Pharaoh until disappear. The next morning, the spirit return (hiding in One of brother's locker) gives him the scepter. Upon contact, he is instantly influenced by its powers unaware of his existence and control of his' body. At the auditorium stage, One of brother quickly notices that his speech isn't being listened to so the spirit of the pharaoh tells him that, everybody always made fun of him, so one of brother use the scepter send him and his brother back time in Ancient Egypt, where all civilization must serve as his servants, vowing as he does so to finally make everyone listen. While the civilization perform manual labor for him (building a sphinx bearing his' likeness, scrubbing his feet, etc.), and carry out other orders, his brother comes to stop but he decides to sent his brother to be mummified alive, Back the present at the museum the camera pointing through the Egyptian exhibits, stuffed revealing that the brother is mummified.

Episode 4: The Deal with the Devil A down-on-his- black man walks into oncoming traffic and is immobilized when he gets struck by a passing motorcar. After his death, He goes down a spiral escalator to Hell, where he is greeted by the Head Devil, Satan. The man introduces himself, and, the events leading up to his arrival at to Hell in flashback: The man get swindles by a crime boss and his group of gangsters in a card game at a nightclub. When he gets home that day, the police inform him that his parents died in a household accident. His wife argument with him when he tell her lost of their money on a card game, immediately file a divorce and shoves a hastily half-packed suitcase and throws him out. Back in the real world, the man want revenge on the crime boss, the Head Devil makes a deal; if he brings the crime boss to Hell for three days, he will be set free, but if he fails, he will remain in Hell forever. He gladly accepts the deal and the Head Devil sends him back to the world of the living. Back on Earth, he took the law into their own hands. As he procured information about the actions of the crime boss from a sailor. At the end of the second day, He obtains a handgun and follows the crime boss. In the mansion, He corners the crime boss in his lair and kill him, but the sun sets and drags the man into then falls into a hole that directly leads to Hell where he throws him into a lava pit. The man emerges in his devil form and faints. He considers paradise along with beautiful devil girls as his servants.

Episode 5: Death Love A teenage boy feeling brushed off after his girlfriend dumped him on Valentine's Day the year before. But keeps eyeing every pretty girl he meets, though he is usually unsuccessful. Until he makes the acquaintance of a a mysterious girl, is immediately smitten with her, and she gives him a card for her address. The next day, the girl walks through the halls of school gathering a lot of attention, boys. However, she shoves off them and says she's only interested in the teenage boy she meet. After school the the teenage boy sneek out at night and go to the girl's house. A there he discover the girl's house is a strip club. Inside he also discover filled with human skeletons. But he don't care and continued happy found the girl of his dreams. Soon the girl in nightgown outfit appear who start seducing him by her singing voice, which creates a pitch so high that it hypnotizes him. 80 years later the teenage boy is an old man and chain up slowly reaches out for the girl until he die by natural causes. Suddenly, the girl begins to transform into a siren and looks into the camera and says "I Love You To Death?"

Episode 6: Pirates A youngest boy and his teenager Wendy Darling alike sister finds an old treasure map and golden pirate medallion which belong a cruel and vicous pirate captain, kept in the attic and they decide to go on a treasure hunt. However that night, a sinister fog and a pirate ship appears. The pirates on the ship kidnap them and sail through sea time travel back the 18th century. the boy and his sister are tied to the mast and the pirate captain greeted them and take the map and the medallion. The pirates go to a island where the treasure is hidden. On the island, the pirates has finds the treasure and digging up. Back on the ship pirate captain persuade the boy and his sister to join the crew, the boy decides to them as first mate but the boy's sister rejects. Her hands tied behind her back, forced walking the plank, shedding a tear on her cheek. As she drops, she no more.

Episode 7: Cannibal Shop A new fast food has opened up in the neighborhood. Upon entering which a dwarfism man see a lone boy eating a burger whereupon the owner, appears to greet the man. The boy asks to go to the bathroom and the ownerdirects him to a door. The man gets suspicious when he sees that the boy doesn't reappear and the owner grabs belongings of the gentleman. So he goes into the back to get assistance. But once inside, he discovers that the restaurant is a butchers shop. He encounter a freezer inside he discover full of strung up nudes corpses on hook. A shandow figure approach behind the man and knock him out. Burnt out until the man is start to wake up, realize his feet tied on hook and naked along with nudes babies and children corpses as hanging meat. When the owner carries the man to the kitchen, putting the man into the pan and he adds pepper and he began sneezing (that the owner says "Gezunheiht." to the man), then he adds carrots and potatoes and an apple to put on the man's mouth, and he puts the man into the oven. 8 hours later the owner sits down and preparing to eat the man that cook.

Episode 8: The Salem Witch Retirials In the small town of Salem, Massachusetts, a loner teenage goth girl who just moved with her parents to a new neighborhood and school. On the way to a school, she finds a mysterious shop in an alley and goes inside. The gypsy in the shop begins to tell the girl of her family's dark secrets reveal that her ancestor who was persecuted as a witch and executed by the townspeople in 1600's. But she refuses the gypsy warning and leave. At school she can't seem filling in with the others and her class goes on a field trip to Witchcraft Museum tomorrow for project of witch tirials. At night, her parents go to church, she stay behind because she do not want to go to church. One day at the museum during the tour, unware the girl is being follow by a man in black who is a witch hunter. The girl stop and look at the spell book in a glass case and reaching for the handle, that she went back time in 1600's at the time of the witch trials. There, the villagers start a lynch mob and accuses the girl of witchcraft. The man in black arrested the girl and send her in to the dungeon. However, the girl seen in ungothed and torn, dress on the stake. The man in black attempts to burn the girl alive delays the execution.

Episode 9: Campers of War A 10 year old black boy and his little white twin sister stay at camp. One day while hiking through the woods they got a seperated by take a break. They wonder the woods until they encounter abandoned camp site and realize is a World War II Nazi extermination camp. When the boy's sister touch nazi fallen banner accidentally, that they went back time in 1939. The warden greeted them and arrested them for as spies. The boy and his sister then seen in Nazi prison clothes as they join the other prisoners crushing rocks. They begin to plot their escape, a run-in with a fellow convict and work together. They are ultimately captured, and sent to gallows except the convict who accused the kids devising the escape plan. However, on the gallows, the executiner found a crate for them to stand on, in order to reach the noose, delays the execution they is hanged.

Episode 10: Is There an Doctor in the Asylum? A 23 year old woman, career-orientated nurse who interested in "extreme personalities", which led her to take an internship a hospital. However, hes boss tells her that cameras have a double life of alluring negligee a doctor and she's being fired (as she is now left without a job). Initially thinking she would prove the extreme personalities her career will restore. On his quest to find answers, investigate the abandoned asylum. After taking a tour of the asylum, she begin an overnight surveillance campaign while locking herselfs inside. When the full moon rise in the middle of the night, ghost of doctors, nures, polices, and patients appeared that night. She though the other patients give her jeering looks as she passes them. Further she overlook of a mad doctor experiments on a patient. horify she try to sneek away a ghost guards grab her by the arm and take her to the mad doctor. Burnt out until she wake up in a hospital gown on a stretcher the mad doctor is prepping a needle and start experiments on her. She put in straitjacket and incarcerated in a cell now her brain-dead. The screen then cuts to black.

Episode 11: School of Torture A very unhappy with their four childrens, a teenager brother, a teenager sister, a youngest brother, and a youngest sister. Their parents send them to a very quick Boarding School. The boarding school. Sessions are only for the next eight weeks and as soon as they arrives, everything on their person is taken away from them. Their is told to stand in the line according to height and is also told they will be given an assigned number and a orange prisoner uniform. At the school, located on a ranch just outside the city, they wanders around, is greeted and made friends. Then the students are herded into "class". In class a 50 year old teacher in dominatrix outfit appear who is a violent nature and overtly harsh punishments of the students. The class consists of the students being forced writing a three hundred word essay. The four childrens speak up, and almost immediately they is in trouble. The teacher orders her guards to drag them away to detention. Inside the detention, which resembles a torture chamber, measures this attracts their attention and all kinds of students were admitted to teach them a lesson. The guards them to each a torture instruments. the a teenager brother is in the stock, the teenager sister is tied to the spanking bench, the youngest brother is the rack, and the youngest sister is a metal, kid size iron maiden-like coffin with no spikes inside. The teacher start the punished. The teacher pull down the teenager sister underwear and spank her but with a spanking paddle. Finally the teacher tortured the youngest sister on the rack, while shows credit on the screen: "The End."

Episode 12: Art In a small town, a group of art viewers visit a mysterious art museum. A very emotional and a bit dark gentleman who claims to own the exhibit and greeting the viewers as they arrive. There, they encounter several collection of painting and wax statues astounding a pre-teen boy ask the gentleman what his secret of his arts but the gentleman refuse to tell his works. As the day is through the viewers immediately leave the museum except the the pre-teen boy who gets locked inside by accident, he encounter a room door with a sign say KEEP OUT! Curious he enter the room, inside discovers full of newspapers of missing peoples and quick dry cement. To his horror, he deduces that the gentleman is the "Serial Killer" as he discovers a closet, realize is a refridgerator and find a bunch of body. The pre-teen boy realize that the gentleman chooses victims to kill and passes it off as arts. The pre-teen boy is in shock for he see and immediately start try escape out of the museum until accidentally knocks over a bucket of bloods. A shandow figure approach behind the gentleman and kill the pre-teen boy. The camera pointing through the exhibits , revealing of the pre-teen boy wearing a “Little Boy Blue” outfit, with one finger pressed against his cheek. Stuffed revealing that he are actually dead.

Episode 13: A Day at Prison A punk teenager boy who is in a bad crowd, always getting in to troubles, never listen to his parents, ditch school, and even getting the detention. One day at the arcade, he discovers a crime scene a cross the street, he see a big crowd of people in a circle surrounding a bank. When he get to the front, they see an officer. The officer points to the punk teenager boy being responsible, arrested him and sent to prison. On the next day, all the prisoners are released to do exercise on a gym some women prisoners are crushing rocks outside one of the inmate notices he as a new guy and introduces himself to fellow convict. the fellow convict introduces other inmate in prison with them a musclular inmate notices the punk teenager boy and picks on him. Because of musclular inmate's actions, start a fight the result is that the guard in charge puts the punk teenager boy in the hole for three days. Three days pass agonizingly slow for the punk teenager boy, but him lasts the entire time. musclular inmate is impressed by this, and respects the punk teenager boy now, since most prisoner would have cracked well before time was up the punk teenager boy start pick up trash outside a long with prisoners. In the cafeteria, it's lunchtime, and the punk teenager boy is given a tray of slop. As the punk teenager boy continues to be miserable musclular inmate seems to accept the punk teenager boy as a friend now the punk teenager boy tells he that they need to find a way out, but the fellow convict tells him there's no point. He and musclular inmate explain that one of the fellow convict's friend tried to escape once, but they caught her before she could get out. Because of this, first they put he in the hole, then they made he crazy by heself, and finally, they opens the hole and he die by starvation when the day is over the punk teenager is taken back cell and in bed. The next day, at court on trial the punk teenager is convicted by the evidence of the bank's surveillance cameras capture him. And sentence to death. but the punk teenager shout that he was framed and that he did not do anything. But he is deeply distraught as he awaits his death. Although the punk teenager, the other state officials show no feelings and are eager to walk to he executed. However, on the electric chair, he say his last words, delays the execution.

Episode 13: Movie Work A very ambitious special effects expert, experimenting with his favorite creation. However, he is down on his luck whe his cruel boss, gives him one more chance to finishes of he is fired. That night at a special effects warehouse, the boss arrives their the models and animatronic film monsters come to life when the planets aligned. Suddenly the creation to the boss attack, and kills him.

Special: The Black Cat The film opens with a young girl who playing her black cat in the backyard. The girl's mother calls telling her that dinner ready. As the girl enter the house, her cat chasing a butterfly and is hit by a car and killed. The girl visits her cat's grave at pet cemetery and finds a of goth college students performing a ritual on Friday the 13th. Fourteen years later, the girl Sally is a sixteen-year-old goth girl moved with her family to a new neighborhood and school – from Chicago to rural Ludlow, Maine, after Sally still recovering from the death of her cat. While in the library, Sally finds a book of black magic titled Book of the Dead, and gets attached to it. That night, when Sally's mother go out for a nice dinner. Sally reads the book aloud, but her chants initially fail. One morning on Friday the 13th while Sally begins to have an unusual amount of bad luck over and over. Sally riding her bike to school she sees a shadowy figure at the road. She accidentally past into oncoming traffic, when she watch immobilized a passing motorcar. She get out of the way and crashes into a trash can. She get up and begins to walks to school. At school Sally, terrified, make sure nothing and nobody can creep up on her. Many of Sally's friends at school also say they were see the cat, and what actually affected on them. But they forget about it until one of Sally's friends as he leaving in his car, drive directly into the road. Unaware of the danger and is instantly killed by a passing truck. Sally has a vision of her past in which explains that everythings. At Sally's house, Sally states to her friends but no one believes her at first, until during an electrical storm, they become convinced that they have angered. Sally has another vision in which the book that she found is the same book of goth college students performing a ritual on Friday the 13th. Sally tries to tell her parents about the cat. Unfortunately, they are not interested in anything. They ultimately decide to get the book, go the cat's grave at pet cemetery and performing a ritual to break the spell. That night, They races off to the pet cemetery. Sally walks among the gravestones until she comes across the cat: RIP tombstone. She gets on her hands and knees and starts digging up the cat's grave. Sally finally digs up the cat coffin and opens it to find... the corpse of the cat. As the cat arrives and attacks Sally and her friends flee in terror, they finally get back to the car and drive away. As they arrives back to Sally's house but is too late, the cat came out of nowhere, then goes after Sally. Soon, she trips, and drops tht book. It landing in the fireplace and burning. The cat struck by lightning bolt, and explodes, finally killing the cat. While Sally and her parents go to the hospital. Six months later, Sally and her parents immediately moves back, appreciating their life once more, Sally and her parents go into the car. When Sally her turn head toward the window and see the house have sigh face they disappeared over the horizon.