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An American adult animated television film is divided into five individual chapters, each vignettes show the viewer black people lifes.

Plot: 1. Kids: The school bell rings, and students come out of playground and crowd around two boys start fighting, which they are given detention. At same moment outside of group of teenager boys performing hip-hop dance surrounded by a group of spectators. On other side school the camera pointing at a college. Inside, two teenager girls walking through the hall talked about men. 2. Men: Two black men are best friend, at a strip club drinking as a woman dances and strips. 3. Women: Two black women are best friend, on the way home from shopping at a mall, a thug notice them and decide to mug them. Just then, the thug make their attack and the women starts to fight him off with there purse and pepper spray. However, the thug pull out his knife and out to the women. At that moment, the police arrives and the thug flee. 4. Love: Inside a motel a 22-year-old white man getting settles bed until approach (the shortest of the five, very fat, black woman from "Women"); this time in nude uncensored and start making out in with the man in bed. 5. Prison: At a prison (one of the black man from "Men") return; this time convicted of rape and murder. On the next day, all the prisoners are released to do exercise on a gym the men soon notices that the girls' prison is on the other side of a chain-link fence. He attempts to schmooze with these girls. One of the girls, (the young African-American adult female stripper with dark hair that she usually wears in an afro style from "Men") return; this time convicted of bank robbery. Soon they start to flirting and share a kiss. The next day, at court on trial both is refuses convicted and given the death penalty. However, on the electric chair, they say their last words, delays the execution.

Cast Regina King as Kid #1 Cedric Yarbrough as Principal Wyclef Jean as Teenager Boy #1 Kyla Pratt as Teenager Girl #1 Ashanti (singer) as Teenager Girl #2 Carl Jones as Man #1 Keegan-Michael Key as Man #2 Monica Rial as Woman #1 Novie Edwards as Woman #2 Quinton Flynn as Mugger Joseph Kaufmann as White Man Vivica A. Fox as Stripper Charlie Leonard as Judge Ice-T as Cop James Arnold Taylor as Warden

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Trivia ◾ This television film same style as The Boondocks (TV series), Michiko & Hatchin and Black Dynamite (TV series) combination. ◾ This television film use direct sexual humor. This is seen when a woman lap dances in front on one of the men, and the man states "nice boobs". ◾ This use on-screen profanity (hell, damn, badass, bitch, and fuck).