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Animated, Romantic and Prison film Animation Studio: Studio Ghibli, Inc. and Warner Bros. Animation Plot: A young beauitful woman name Celia is sent to prison after refuse to tell the police were about her lover who is an con artists, robber and murder name Jack Mc Badboy. On the next day, all the prisoners are released outside courtyard to do exercise while some women prisoners are crushing rocks outside one of the inmate notices Celia as a new girl and introduces herself as Wiseone. Wiseone introduces other inmates in prison with them Big Ma notices Celia and picks on her. Because of Big Ma's actions, start a fight the result is that the guard in charge puts Celia in the hole for three days. Three days pass agonizingly slow for Celia, but her lasts the entire time. Big Ma is impressed by this, and respects Celia now, since most prisoner would have cracked well before time was up Celia start crushing rocks outside a long with prisoners. In the cafeteria, it's lunchtime, and Celia is given a tray of slop. As Celia continues to be miserable Big Ma seems to accept Celia as a friend now Celia tells her that they need to find a way out, but Wiseone tells him there's no point. She and Big Ma explain that one of Wiseone's friend tried to escape once, but they caught her before she could get out. Because of this, first they put her in the hole, then they made her crazy by herself, and finally, they opens the hole and she die by starvation when the day is over Celia is taken back cell and pray before bed. The next day, at court on trial Celia is convicted and given the death penalty. but when Jack visits her in jail. Celia becomes furious and refuses to him, opting to face the death penalty rather than let her lover sent to prison, but she is deeply distraught as she awaits her death. Although Celia, the other state officials show no feelings and are eager to walk to her executed. However, on the gallows, she say her last words, delays the execution she is hanged. In the post-credits scene, Jack emotional after fails to save Celia.

Voice Cast Taylor Schilling as Celia Sarah Shahi as Celia's cellmate Pamela Segall as Wiseone Crystal Chappell as Big Ma Drew Nelson (actor) as Jack Mc Badboy Christopher Meloni as Police Officer # 1 Grey DeLisle as Guard Charlie Leonard as Judge James Arnold Taylor as Warden

Trivia ◾ This film is Orange Is the New Black in anime.

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