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[In high way scenes appearance a police car driving on road inside a young beautiful woman name Celia is heading to prison starting looking the window outside past through in daze and remember at police station interrogation room scenes she sit silent a police officer smash his hand on the table in anger.]

Police Officer # 1: Now tell us, were is Jack Mc Badboy?

[Celia spit at one of officer eye back reality they arrive entering through the gate door. Inside an officer body search through Celia then get her fingerprint and mug shot. Celia line up with the other were they items at the property room when she next she give the officer a paper bag of her belongings, then at nursery Celia and the inmates get there check up. In a Communal shower scenes inmates in nude uncensored taking there shower Celia enter the room in breast and nude uncensored and start take her shower. In prison hall cell scenes, the police officer take Celia in striped prison uniform her cell walking and past through the other prisoners arrive her cell she enter unaware ends with sharing a cell with inmate. Celia's cellmate grins menacingly at her.]

Celia's cellmate: Well, well what are in for princess.

[On the next day, all the prisoners are released courtyard to do exercise while some women prisoners are crushing Celia join the other a white hair with glasses elderly dwarfism inmate notices Celia as a new girl and introduces herself to her.]

Wise one: Hello there.

Celia: Hi, I'm Celia.

Wise one: They call me Wise one.

Celia: Nice to meet you.

Wise one: Nice to meet you too.

[Both shake hand]

Wiseone: Yah, you your the new here right.

Celia: Yah?

Wise one: I guest I should show you around here.

Celia: Thank you.

Wise one: Your well come.

[Wise one start showing Celia around.]

Celia: How long you been here.

Wise one: 50 years!

[Wise one showing Celia and point out at a slim, young African-American with dark afro style hair prisoner arm wrestling with an another inmate.]

Wise one: That Phoebe.

[Wise one showing Celia and point out at a Japanese inmate sitting bench meditating.]

Wise one: Back there is Wong.

[Wiseone showing Celia and point out at a red mohawk spiked hair with nose ring eyebrow and lip piercing covered in tattoos prisoner making tattoos on another inmate.]

Wise one: And that is Tina.

[a bald hair and big beefy body with eyepatch inmate notices Celia and starting picking on her.]

Big Ma: Who the new girl?

Wise one: This is Celia, Celia meet Big Ma.

[Big Ma push and laughing at Celia.]

Celia: Leave me alone.

[All the prisoners in shock notices Celia step to Big Ma.]

Big Ma: Oh, tough huh.

[Big Ma start beat up Celia but she try fight a lot of prisoners are seen from behind, raising their arms and chanting.]

Prisoners: (chanting) Fight! Fight! Fight! [pan right] Fight! Fight!

[Some punching sounds are heard. Celia screams as he is flung out of the crowd and toward the guard in charge.]

Guard: Well, well what do we have here a troublemaker huh.

[The Guard comes up quickly, and startles her] Put her in the hole.

[All the prisoners in shock for Celia punishment.]

[We see her in a hole in the ground that's shaped like a cube. They close the door, and Three days pass Celia try not to lose her mind. On the third day someone opens the door Celia crawl out the hole guard grins menacingly at her.]

Guard: Maybe now you learn your lesson now get going.

[Celia grab pickax and join the other prisoners crushing rocks Celia past through Big Ma in amaze Celia start crushing rocks . In the cafeteria scenes, it's lunchtime, prison chef given Celia a tray of slop and heading a table joining with Wiseone. As Celia continues to be miserable until Big Ma come to Celia at the table.]

Big Ma: Hay!

[All the prisoners in shock notices Celia and Big Ma.]

Big Ma: My I sit here.

[Celia realize Big Ma seems to accept her as a friend now.]

Celia: Sure.

Big Ma: Thank.

[Big Ma join Celia for lunch.]

Big Ma: I'm sorry about the fight back there I'm impress most prisoner would have cracked your alright if you need anything let me known.

Celia: Anything?

Big Ma: Yes, anything.

Celia: Actually, what I need is to find a way out of here.

Wise one: There is no way out.

Big Ma: No one ever tried to escape.

Wise one: It true my friend tried to escape once, when the guards not looking she make a ran for it , but they caught her before she could get out. the guards put her in the hole, then she when crazy by herself, and finally, they opens the hole and, and, and.

[Wise one show with tears]

Big Ma: She die and never see again.

[Celia but believe they have unable to escape, due to the fact that she would be never be free. In cell block all prisoners are back at their cell getting ready to bed.]

Warden: [In background. We now see Celia in "bed"] Light out! [We then hear the prisoners complaining, Celia has a thoughtful look on her face and decide to up walk upon to cell bar window looking at the moon and starting to pray before bed. On next day morning, outside at courthouse scenes inside on trial the judge is about to tell the sentencing for Celia.]

Judge: Miss Celia you be guilty for refuse to tell were about Jack Mc Badboy I send you to death by public hanging until you death, death, death.

[Celia but believe facing the death penalty emotional showing with a tear drop. In a flash prison visiting room scenes Celia got a surprise visitor physical appearance reviled a stranger down both pick the phone and start chanting.]

Jack: Celia.

Celia: Do I known you?

Jake: Allo. C'est moi. [remove his sunglasses.]

Celia: Jack!

Jack: Shhhhhh!

Celia: It so good to see I miss you very much.

Jack: I miss you to.

Celia: Jack, dear Jack. I have such fond memories of you from when I we were kids.

I can still hear the sound of voices visiting me on a cold winter's night.

Ah, there was something between us. I could tell he felt it too.

Mmm. It's so soothing.

Jack: Don't worry babe I bust you out of this dump.

Celia: Don't bother bust me out. (sadness)

Jack: Why? (curious)

Celia: Because, I'm facing the death penalty.

Jack: WHAT!? (shock)

Celia: Yep unless I tell the polices were you are.

[Celia becomes furious and refuses to him]

Celia: I rather face death rather see you in jail.

[Celia emotional showing with a tear drop.]

Celia: Good by Jackie I love.

[Celia return to her cell until her execution. On next morning, outside of prison the sun rise and through cell bar window were see Celia reading a book waiting for her execution cell door is open until the warden approaching to her with priest.]

Warden: It time Celia.

[The unfortunate woman is led down the corridor of the cell block, with the warden on one side of him and a priest on the other. No words are exchanged, though the other prisoners give her jeering looks as she passes them. One of the inmate spit at Celia's eye she then passes Wise one and Big Ma.]

Celia: Good by Big Ma. Good by Wise one I miss you most of all.

Big Ma: Farewell Celia.

Wise one: Don't worry missy it be over soon Jesus love you and I be praying for you.

[The procession approaches a riveted steel door at the end of the hallway—this is the sort of thing you would associate with a death-row convict being led to the gallows. At gallows scenes we see the visitors including Jack in disguise and Celia's parents.]

Celia's father: Die with in you Celia.

[Celia walk up to the gallows and sand on the trapdoor.]

Warden: Celia do have any last words?

[Celia encourages him saying her words.]

Celia: Oh, do with what you well I well never betrayal my one true love.

[After Celia finish her words, the execution start a police officer put handcuffs on her then when the hood is placed over her face she quick say.]

Celia: No wait I want to see.

[The warden nods]

[Continued the execution with out the hood the police officer put the noose around her neck the warden pull the switch the trapdoor open and Celia is drop like a log in a flash we see Celia hanging death uncensored . A curtain is then drawn in front of her body, while shows credit on the screen: "The End."]

[In the post-credits scene, the camera pointing at the door. It swings open, revealing. view of Jack in an armchair by the fire, emotional after fails to save Celia and starting remember about his life.]

Jack: When I was a young outsider a nobody roaming in a bad neighborhood I got beat up every day and twice on Sundays.

Jack: I've lived a good long life. I loved and laughed, but what I miss most of all is my one true love Celia.

Jack: Oh, how I love you.

Jack: If only I was there to protect you, but now your gone. [as he drops to his knees.]

Jack: Why you do me like this!

Jack: Oh, Celia, Celia!