Plot: An old man by the fire place imagine of stripper woman dancing in the fire.

Script: the camera pointing at the door. It swings open, revealing. view of an old man in an armchair by the fire, stand at the fire mute inside the fire place the fire i, to partially tranform a flame stripper woman. The Woman walk toward him and starting performe her dance. She run your fingers through your hair, down your neck, her chest then down to her hips and around her butt. As she move your hands across your body imagine her hands are the old man hands. She enjoy the touch of his hands on your body. She keeping your hands in contact with your body let them ride up your sides and back towards the nape of her neck. She look the old man in the eye and try a slow and gentle head roll (head falls forward and then rolls back up), letting your hair fall at the same time. She move towards the old man so your crotch is almost against him knee then lean in like you're going to kiss him for just long enough that he can smell your perfume then pull away. She begin moving her hips to the music in a soft circular motion. Close your eyes for a few seconds and enjoy the moment. There's no-one around, just her and the old man. Take your time, then, slowly step towards the old man, one foot in front of the other, cat-walk style. When she near enough, take your lap dance to the next level. She turn around and position herself between your the old man’s legs. Bend down to sit on his lap and grind your bottom slowly (and gently) into his lap. Top first...Seductively and gradually she remove another item or two of clothing (perhaps your skirt or hot-pants) then move back towards the old man again. She get so close you'll practically be sitting on the old man lap. Sensually lean in towards the old man’s ear breathing her hot breath over it, let out a soft aching moan. She softly nibble or brush against the old man neck, breathing her the old man in as if you were getting high off their scent. She then take her bra uncensored and throw in front of him then shake and wiggle her hip then her breast around on the old man face. She then take her underwear uncensored and throw in front of him then then slowly turn bend down and shake and wiggle her but around on the old man face. The Woman slowly leaving in a flash she disapear the camera slowly toward the old man zooming to his mouth he smile, while shows credit on the screen: The End.

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