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A horror/animated christmas film

During Christmas an elderly man tells his granddaughter who believes in Santa Claus a Christmas story, a horrific tale of the monstrous "Grincher." On Christmas Eve, a wealthy yet dysfunctional family, are sitting down to Christmas dinner when Grincher comes and kills them all. Meanwhile, six-year-old Kevin believes everyone is missing the point about Christmas by being more concerned about the gifts and festivities. Soon afterwards, a local bully named Buzz is killed. According to the boy, a monster caused the deaths. Buzz's parents are then murdered. Riding on his wagon driven by his "hellhound", Grincher arrives at Fair City Township and decimates the locals in various holiday-themed ways. In one of his kills, Grincher slaughters the occupants of a local strip club, frequented by a crime boss. After having a face-to-face encounter with the Grincher at the Playground, Kevin learn about the Grincher from his crazy father, he is shown "The Book of Christmas", which reveals the Grincher is a demon who hatched Christmas, when Santa Claus defeated him and sentenced him to be frozen on Christmas for 1000 years. The Grincher will come back by anyone calling his name three times. Kevin returns with the police station just before he arrives. Grincher pursues Kevin, but manage to escape, but Kevin eventually forced to confront Grincher in an urban, inner city landscape. He are almost killed by Grincher on his wagon but are saved by man, who is actually Santa Claus face off in a final duel, Grincher tries to terrify the children, but Kevin decides prove love is even stronger. The sun shines and defeated Grincher. Afterward, Kevin and his friends bid goodbye to Santa Claus and they leave for the North Pole saying, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night" The elderly man, revealed to be Kevin himself, finishes telling his granddaughter the story, saying that she never saw Grincher again.

In the post-credits scene, Santa and his wife take a vacation in Hawaii

The movie is a parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and Seasons of Belief from Tales from the Darkside