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The Prince and the Princess is a American animated musical fantasy film.

Plot: Once upon a time there lived in two castle who neighbours each other. Inside the first castle there lived a child prince named Paul Ivan who had a happy life be raised by his parents, giving him his nature as a result. Inside the second castle right across the street from the first castle. There Iived a widowed aristocrat and his 8-year-old daughter, Ella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, after the death of wife. Ultimately, his mother Madame Duchess is visiting along her two granddaughter who just Ella's age named Andy and Betsy. However, at a steep high mountain just north of the two castle up there on a evil sorcerer named Amor, who lived wizard's tower. When Amor gets disgusted over how the citizens of the two castle happiness and peacefully, he place a curse on on the two castle by sending down his army and killing Ella's father before her eyes as a child., sparking a revolution. During the siege of the palace, only Duchess and Ella are able to escape with a secret passageway in Ella's room. The pair manage to reach a moving train, but only Duchess climbs aboard while Ella falls, hitting her head on the platform and suffering amnesia. Ten years later, Ella, now 18 years of age and leaves the rural orphanage where she grew up, being forced to work as a scullery maid, and still suffering from amnesia. Despite this, Ella is a kind and gentle young woman and is friends with mice and birds. The secret police arrives, the orphanage to do away with Ella. Ella escape and aboard a train. Elsewhere, a boy they have raised by a stooge farmer and his two stooge sons childhood (also narrowly escaping an assassination attempt by Amor) is in reality Prince Paul Ivan, who though he has lost his memory, is betrothed to Ella. After witnesses his people being slaughtered Paul becomes separated from his foster family in the panic. He ends up in a baggage car on the freight train, where he meet Ella. Paul and Ella begin to fall in love with each other and decide to go there destiny. Scar, Amor's purple vulture minion, is nearby and secretly tells Amor about what Paul's and Ella's presence. Amor sends his minions from the reliquary to them; despite two assassination attempts, the duo manage to (unwittingly) foil him. Paul and Ella eventually reach there destiny and began there training to be the princess they was destined to be. When finish there training Paul leaving feeling left out. Paul finds that the farmer and his sons has come as well, and is taken to their new lair, walking through the countryside when they see a poster of a boy that looks a lot like Paul, an old man suspects his true identity and the man takes Paul to a mansion. The man tells Paul that he is the prince' butler, and shows him the mansion where he used to live and he shows them the prince' pet dog. The farmer and his sons have also come to the mansion, but attempt to rescue him. Paul's real parents come on the scene, and tries to convince Paul that he is the lost prince with a similar mark to the real prince on his elbow. Paul sings a song explaining his love of his real parents and the remembrance of his prince life. The Paul and his real parents are joyfully reunited. The farmer and his sons having already heard eveything and. Paul's parents offers The farmer and his sons the reward money, but to her surprise they refuses it and leaves heartbroken. The past is brought to focus that Paul meet his future wife, Belle were engaged at a young age. Soon, Ella arrives at the party with Paul and meet Madame Duchess, the lost princess' cat along with Andy and Betsy. During the intervention, Duchess refuses to believe her last the lost princess is alive. Ella storms out of the room, she sing the from her childhood to soothe the pain her grandmother has given her. As Duchess listen to Ella sing, tears stream from Duchess's eyes because she used to sing the same song to only her when she was little. The past is brought to focus that Ella meet his future husband, Blacque a vain muscular hunter. However they meet Paul's real parents. Madame Duchess and Paul's parents despise each other after the lost the prince and the princess. But Ella and Paul finally stands up to and declares that Paul her love with each which Duchess and Paul's parents appeared shocked. The two engage in a romantic dance, but their interlude is cut short by the appearance of Amor, arrives to kidnap Ella and her to his lair. Paul go to rescue Ella, Paul arrives and find Ella bound with chains. A mad Amor fatally stabs Paul, it was a trap when but attempts to escape with Ella. In the struggle, Paul's dog manages to get hold of Amor's cane and shatter the glass ball in its handle; Amor's power destroyed, he collapses and dies while Scar flies off abandons Amor. Ella professes her love for Paul is brought back to life with a kiss. The film ends happily with the two castle finally coming together to celebrate their newfound peace. Paul dances with Ella in the ballroom, where they dance happily as everyone watches in delight.

Voice Cast Lisa DeSimone as Ella Kirsten Dunst voices 8-year-old Ella Josh Groban as Paul Ivan Christopher Lloyd as Amor Hank Azaria as Scar Marc Thompson as Paul Ivan's Father Megan Hollingshead as Paul Ivan's Mother Angela Lansbury as Madame Duchess Holliday Grainger as Andy Sophie McShera as Betsy Nathan Lane as The Farmer Sean Hayes (actor) as Son #1 Frank Welker as Son #2, Cat Rob Paulsen as Duke Bill Tost as Butler Tom Wayland as Prince Paul's pet dog TBA as Train Conductor

Trivia ◾ Some scenes are recycled animation from Cinderella (1950 film), Anastasia (1997 film) and The Secret of Anastasia. ◾ Andy and Betsy are parody of Drizella and Anastasia from Cinderella (1950 film). ◾ The Farmer and his two sons are parody of Moe, Larry and Curly Joe from Snow White and the Three Stooges. ◾ Some footage cell is referenced Snow White and the Three Stooges animated style. ◾ The musical number "In The Sun" from The Secret of Anastasia is remake with new lyrics. ◾ The musical number "In the Dark of the Night" from Anastasia (1997 film) is remake with new lyrics.