[The film opens by a book with the main title "The Prince and the Princess." The book opens to the first page and starting.]
Narrator: Once upon a time there lived in two castle who neighbors each other. At the first castle there lived a child prince named Paul Ivan who had a happy life be raised by his parents, giving him his nature as a result. [scene cuts to the camera pointing at a the first castle. Inside, revealing view of Paul Ivan as carefree and playful because he's a prince.]
Narrator: On the second castle right across the street from the first castle. There Iive a widowed aristocrat and his 8-year-old daughter, Ella. Although he was a kind and devoted father, and gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort, after the death of wife. Ultimately, his mother Madame Duchess is visiting along her two granddaughter who just Ella's age named Andy and Betsy. [the camera pointing at the second castle. Inside, revealing view of a ballroom where the villagers dance happily. The camera pointing at the widowed aristocrat and Ella is presented to sit in a throne that overlooks the ballroom. Scene cuts to a stagecoach arrive at the second castle. Madame Duchess gets out of the stagecoach and approaching toward the second castle. Scene cuts to inside of the second castle, Madame Duchess arrival along with Andy and Betsy. While sitting on the thrones Ella is running to Madame Duchess and greets her with a hug.]
Young Ella: Oh, Grandmamma.
Narrator: However, at a steep high mountain just north of the two castle up there on a evil sorcerer who lived wizard's tower his name was Amor, Consumed by his hatred for the citizens of the two castle happiness and peacefully, Amor place a curse on on the two castle to destroy them. [Zooming in at outside of the second castle, the camera pointing through steep high mountain to a wizard's tower and spot Amor angry stare at the two castle with a purple vulture named Scar on Amor's shoulder from the window. Enraged Amor grabs his cane, descends a spiral up staircase and entering to the top of the tower. Amor summons his army and strike at the two castle.]
Amor: Go.
Amor: Fulfill your dark purpose and seal the fate the royals once and for all.
[Amor's army marching towards the two castle and attack. Inside of the second castle, crowd of panic the villagers come running out the castle. During the siege of the palace, the camera pointing poor Ella in terror and witness Amor's army killing her father before her eyes.] 
Young Ella: Grandmamma!
[Duchess take Ella carrying her along with Andy and Betsy to Ella's room. Inside of Ella's room Duchess shows her granddaughters a secret passageway.]
Duchess: Come this way. [they exit it and able to escape.]
Minion: Comrades, in here! Where are they? [a few of Amor's army break the door and search the room.]
[Outside of the second castle Duchess take her granddaughters away from the burning palace. Scene cuts to Duchess and her granddaughters arrives at a railroad station.]
Train Conductor: All aboard!
[The train starts moving.]
Duchess: Hurry, child. [Duchess and her granddaughters runs after the train.]
[They manage to reach a moving train, but only Duchess, Andy and Betsy climbs aboard.] 
Young Ella: Grandmamma! [runs after the train]
Duchess: Here, take my hand! [Duchess reach her hand out to Ella.]
[Young Ella reach to Duchess' hand and manage to grabs on.]
Duchess: Hold onto my hand!
[Young Ella try to climbs aboard the moving train but couldn't.]
Duchess: Don't let go!
[Young Ella's hand splits from Duchess' hand, falls of the moving train and hitting her head on the platform.]
Duchess: Ella! [yelling]
Narrator: So many lives were destroyed that night. What had always been was now gone for ever. And my Ella, my beloved grandchild, I never saw her again.
[In the present zooming glides through a unnamed town, while shows credit on the screen: "Ten Years Later". The camera pointing at a château which is really a orphanage. Inside, the sun rise and through the window were we see Ella now eighteen years old and scrub the floors. Until Ella stand up and walk upon to the window looking at outside. Suddenly, friendly mice and birds watching, listening to Ella start to sing.]
♪♪ Ella: Though the sun bright days ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: And the night days are cold ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: There's a season we'll soon behold ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: When we'll all laugh together ♪♪

♪♪ Ella: Though we danced and sang through the night ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Now those nights are none ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Soon they'll come a new morning light ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: We'll sing and dance at the sun ♪♪

♪♪ Ella: Though the fates have torn us apart ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: And we don't know how or when ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: With the dawn I know in my heart ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: We'll be together again ♪♪

♪♪ Ella: I've known you always be in my heart ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: But fates just begun ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Come with me I'll show you the way ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: We'll soon live free in the sun ♪♪

♪♪ Ella: And soon live free in Heaven ♪♪
Ella: Life sure ain't very glamourous some times.
Ella: Someday 
[Ella catches sight of the runner of an orphanage.]
Runner: ELLA! [yelling]
Ella: Yes, Ms. Elizabeth Tremaine
Ms. Tremaine: What are you doing . If here's only one I hate more, and that would be... . Now start working.
Ella: Yes ma'am
[Ella start doing all of the housework. Approaching to the orphanage, revealing a colonel and his men. The colonel knocks on the door. It creaks open a few inches, revealing Ms. Tremaine to see who at the door.]
Ms. Tremaine: Hello?
Colonel: Yes, were looking for.
[The colonel spot Ella through the door.]
Colonel: That her get her.
[The colonel and his men force themselves in and try attempt to capture Ella. Ella run upstairs to her room, inside Ella barricading the door and then h be her bed.]
Colonel: Open this door or will break it down! [while try to knocking out the door.]
Ella: They found me.
[Ella becomes nervous as the colonel and his men corners her. The mice and birds notice Ella frightened and, sensing danger, try to help her by shows her to the window where it's open. Realizing Ella quick have a idea, she grabs the blinds and attempts to climb out down the side of the building to the streets where she can escape. The colonel and his men break the door and search the room until spot Ella away from the burning orphanage. Cut to Ella arrives at a railroad station. The train starts moving. Ella manage to reach a moving train and climbs aboard. Zooming in at outside of the moving train, the camera pointing through the forest to a small village, were we see Paul now twenty-years-old, working at stable in a farm. Suddenly, a farmer along with his two sons came out from a cottage and approaching to Paul to embrace him.]
Paul: Hey Dad!
Famer: Aha to the man of born my boy. Your better then we ever were.
Son #2: Yay but he cheap and he got brain.
Son #1: He got more then that he got style.
Famer: Yes and that what been worry me. You known your to good for a crummy old like us.
Paul: What are you talking about your the best friends I have in the world.
Famer: Just the same you have class and we don't. What you need now is to go out to live on their own.
Paul: I don't need to known anything that you three can't teach me.
Son #1: No like dad say where nobody.
Paul: Not to me.
Famer: Of course we are. Look the times that we go hurry.
Son #2: And the times we go be incarcerated indoor file.
Son #1: Not the mention, being throw in the cleanest.
Famer: Ignoramous he just got through saying that. Please don't be understanding Paul we don't what to loose you. But never told you the real story of how we found you.
Paul: Why not is something to be a shame of?
Famer: No, no!
Son #1: We never seen to get around.
Famer: But there no time as the present.
Famer: Come in the cottage I want to talk to you.
[They head to the cottage, Inside Paul, the farmer and his sons be seated by the fireplace.]
Famer: It happen ten years ago, we were running for our lives. 
[In flashback scene we see young farmer driving his two young sons away from the burning two castle by a donkey cart full of hay.]
Famer: And that what when we saw you. [They manage to escaped and turns their attention to what there witnessed.]
[A huge man carrying unconscious boy and attempt to drown him in a river. I the farmer and his sons rushes to the rescue, tackles the man and manage to win. After the farmer and his sons spot the boy by the river and approach to him.]
Famer: All thing curiosity we thought is better to take you to our cottage and as soon as possible. [The farmer pick the boy, put him in the cart and head for home along with sons.]
[Cut to inside of the cottage, the boy start to wake up from a unconscious.]
Young Paul: What happen, where am I'm?
Young Farmer: Why your in our home you been out cold.
Young Farmer: Can tell us where you lived?
Young Paul: I don't known I can't remember.
Young Farmer: Can you tell us why the man try to hurt you?
Young Paul: I can't remember.
Young Farmer: Can you tell us anything?
Young Paul: I think my name Paul?
Young Farmer: It ok your safe.
[Back in reality]
Famer: And that how we found you, you lost your remembers and we try find your parents but we couldn't so took you in as one of our.
Paul: Thank you for telling me, one day I proves to you how grateful I am for what you done for me. So let stop this nonsense and enjoyed our dinner.
Son #1: Oh boy food!
[The farmer's sons head to the table, be seated and prepares to begin to eat. While the famer get soup ready.]
Famer: Paul, it's your turn to get the firewood.
Paul: All right. 
[Paul exit the cottage, scene cuts to through a forest we see Paul picking up sticks one by one. While collecting wood, Paul spot a army of fanatic barbarians on horseback charge through the forest and heading to the village. Scene cuts to back at the farm, the farmer and his sons are getting ready to eat, until they start to notices the commotion, they walk upon to the window and see at outside of the cottage. Scene cuts to the army of fanatic barbarians attack the village and slaughtered the villagers.]
Farmer: Boys hurry up get pack we got to get out of here right away.
[After the farmer and his sons witnesses of what they saw outside of the cottage. They start rushing packing there things.]
Farmer: Hurry up you guys I get the cart ready.
[The farmer and his sons rushes to the stable. Scene cuts to Paul arrive at outside of the village, he seek shelter behind a rock and witnesses destruction of the village. Paul quickly run to the village. Inside of the village, scene cuts to inside of the stable, the farmer and his sons gets into the cart and drives away. Paul run throughout the village and search for the farmer and his sons, until a whole stampede of villager running away in fear direction to him. The farmer and his sons abruptly ran in front of the crowd of panic the villagers.]
Farmer: I don't known but I have a feeling that we forgot something? [The farmer turn his head to the back of cart, and realizes that they forgot.] We forgot Paul!
[Paul spot the farmer and his sons through the crowd. Paul then started to approaching toward the farmer and his sons throughout the crowd. But as he did the crowd run in his direction, causing him to crowd surf away.]
Paul: Father
[The farmer spot Paul through the crowd.]
Farmer: Paul!
Paul: Father!
Farmer: Don't worry we will meat you somewhere!
[The crowd shoves Paul outside of the village and Paul run for it. Paul continued his quest going struggle getting through the woods until a fanatic barbarian discovers Paul and attempts to kill him. Paul quickly forced to flee, through the woods until trips, fall off the top of a hill, and tumbling into at a a railroad station, landing and locked in the trunk himself. As the men load the trunk onto a baggage car. The train starts moving and set out on the railroad. Zooming in at baggage car. Inside, the camera pointing poor Ella in terror and siting down on the ground sad.]
Ella: I'll never see my room again my home its only place I ever known.
[Ella start to cry and a tear drop landing the ground.]
Paul: [while being struggle inside the trunk] Don't cry for pity sake please don't cry that it I'm coming out. Ooh except that I'm suck drat. 
Paul: Um excuse me [knock on the trunk] little help out there please.
Ella: Of course! Wait who are you? [as Ella just about let Paul out from the trunk.]
Paul: Who me? Why my named is Paul.
[Ella open the trunk, the trunk tip over and let Paul out leaves knocked out on the ground.]
Paul: Thank you!
[Burnt out until Paul is start to wake up when he open eyes revel Ella.]
Paul: You seem very familiar to me. Have we met?
Ella: That not possible?
Paul: Are you certain?
Paul: Probably a old friend or maybe a look alike person?
[Ella slaps Paul.]
Paul: Forgive me! I didn't mean disturbs you miss?
Ella: Ella.
Paul: No Kidding? That fun, for my me of a Ella that I heard ones.
Ella: Who?
Paul: You mean you don't known? There was a princess named Princess Ella. And I don't suppose further unaware ten million dollar reward for waiting for return if she alive. And I suppose a blissfully ignorant that a fact a veritable army of young girls have step forward to a to play for the money and none have manage to past off as the princess. You claim to know-nothing of this?
Ella: I know-nothing of this sir?
Paul: Well you do look like her in none regal bearing.
Ella: I beg your pardon!
Paul: In a go way!
Ella: Oh.
Paul: Tell you what for helping me get out of the trunk I' help you for your quest.
Ella: Really?
Paul: Of course.
Ella: That you. [Ella and Paul shake hand for agreement.]
Paul: In my wild dream why your the most beautiful thing that I ever see.
Ella: Oh, thank you so to you.
Ella: So how you came to here?
Paul: That just it I don't known?
Paul: Why is a former princess traveling alone in train, crying and  in hiding?
Ella: If only those question could answer?
Paul: Well it is happen I am looking for the princess Ella.
Ella: So is happen so have I.
Paul: What a happy coincidence perhaps we found her.
[Ella and Paul begin to bonding with each other. A conductor appears on the other side of the door, passing through and collecting ticket.]
Conductor: Ticket please ticket.
Paul: [whispering] The conductor were your ticket?
Ella: [whispering] I haven't got one were your?
Paul: Oh for pity sake.
[Paul run to the sliding door and then open.]
Ella: What are doing?
Paul: Were going have to jump!
[Ella look out the door.]
Ella: But I'm afraid.
Paul: Take my hand and we will jump together. [Paul extends his hand.]
[Ella get nervous of have to choose between to join Paul or get caught of the conductor, but eventually accept and takes Paul's hand. They jump and land safely in a snow bank.]
Paul: Are you ok?
Ella: I'm fine.
Paul: All right then shall we set off.
[Paul and Ella start send off their journey. Zooming in at up to a nearby tree Scar, noticed as he looks down at Paul and Ella below.]
Scar: Well, well, well I don't believe my own eyes. (amazed)
Scar: It is the prince and princess in the flash. I got to tell my master about this. The master will be please.
[Scar overjoyed he fly off to his master secretly tells about Paul's and Ella's presence. Cut to Scar continues fly across the two castle, which has also been ravaged. He finally arrives at Amor's tower and he simply fly into the window to enter. Inside of the tower, Amor is crashing around, trashing stalactites, etc. when the Scar into the tower, literally drops into the ground.]
Scar: Oh boy that hurt. What a landing.
Amor: Who dares intrude on my solitude? Get out! Get out! OUT!
[Amor picks Scar out of the rubble squashing the very breath out of Scar's little neck.]
Amor: Scar? Is that you? 
Scar: Master?
Amor: Yeah, In a manner of speaking! Something's happened. I knew it! I could feel the dark forces stirring.
Scar: Dig this, daddy-o Princess Ella and Prince Paul are alive!
Amor: Princess Ella and Prince Paul?! Alive?!! 
Scar: That right sir.
Amor: Those miserable brats!
[Amor, in a rage, grips Scar in one fist. He doesn't even know he's holding the vulture as he squeezes for emphasis.]
Amor: That's why I'm stuck here in limbo!
Amor: My curse is unfulfilled.
[He flings his hand. His hand still gripping Scar, disconnects and hits the wall. He stops, realizing his hand is gone.]
[Scar carries Amor's hand, over to him. collapsed onto his bed, filled with-self-pity.]
[Scar humming and grunting as he carries the hand.] 
Amor: (crying) Look at me. I'm falling apart. I'm a wreck. 
Scar: Actually, considering how long you've been you look pretty good.
Amor: (crying)
Scar: Sir, you do, you do
Amor: [Truly flattered] Really?
Scar: Sir is this the face of a vulture who would lie to you?
Scar: Hey master look there back!
[Entering the tower are the army of fanatic barbarians return from chasing after Paul. Also entering the tower are the colonel and his men return from chasing after Ella.]
Amor: My Minion! I bet they destroy the princess and the prince?
[The minions come approaching toward Amor.]
Amor: Ha Aah! How you fair?
Minion: It couldn't got better!
Amor: HA AAH! So they both be destroy?
Minion: Well we were about to destroy them but?
Amor: (angered) WHAT! You didn't destroy them and you call yourself minions.
Amor: So is true!
Minion: So you want us to taking another whack at it?
Amor: How about taking a quack at it!
[Amor responds by blowing them up.]
Amor: No time to waste!
Scar: Is this mean that going back after the royals?
Amor: And my dark purpose will be fulfilled, and the princess and the prince will DIE!!
♪♪ Amor: In the dark of the night I was once the most mystical man in all darkness ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: And I put a spells on the royals ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: My curse made each of them pay ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: But one little girl and boy got away! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Little Ella and Paul, beware, ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Amor's awake! ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: In the dark of the night evil will find her ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: In the dark of the night just before dawn! ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: Aah... ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Revenge will be sweet ♪♪
♪♪ Amor and Minions: When the curse is complete! ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: They'll be gone! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: I can feel that my powers are slowly returning! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Tie my sash and a dash of cologne for that smell! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: AS the pieces fall into place ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: I'll see them crawl into place! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Dasvidanya, your grace, farewell! ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: In the dark of the night terror will strike them! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: It is the least I can do! ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: In the dark of the night evil will brew. ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: Ooh! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Soon They'll will see that the nightmares are real. ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: They'll be through! ♪♪  
♪♪ Minions: In the dark of the night ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: Evil will find them ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: Find them! ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: Ooh! ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: In the dark of the night terror comes true. ♪♪
♪♪ Minions: Doom them! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: My dear, here's a sign -- ♪♪
♪♪ Amor and Minions: It's the end of the line! ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night... ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night... ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night... ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Rise my minions, ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Your master is here, ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Hear my commands! ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Find them, ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: Do your evil deeds  ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night... ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night... ♪♪
♪♪ All: In the dark of the night... ♪♪
♪♪ Amor: They'll be mine! ♪♪
[Cut to Ella and Paul reach there destiny s ahead. As they walks, pan the right and zoom in. Cut to an aerial view another city in there direction. The the camera glides through out, and into a fancy hotel. Inside, Ella and Paul arrives onto the scene.]
Paul: Our first step to make the gags of immigrants, dukes, counts and everybody else under the sun from Prague to Copenhagen hoping for the return of the princess. Ha they want a princess will give them a princess. They shouldn't be difficult is Madame Duchess the down empress to you that will be the tough of that one.
Ella: The down empress I remember her when she came to my birthday party.
[In Ella's room where Ella make herself comfy.]
Paul: Now you try to get some sleep or something. Will began your lesson this evening.
Ella: Paul thank you.
[Paul closes the door but then knocks on and opens.]
Paul: Your well come. [closes the door and leaving the room.]
[Ella surprised and delighted and she was very grateful for Paul's generosity. That making her singing, humming, and dancing happily. Ella pick up a telephone, dial the numbers and call room service.]
Ella: Hello Room service! Can I have braised duck, a expensive champagne and chocolate moose.
[Ella hang up of the phone. Just then a knocks on the door and a employee enter the room bringing her food. Cut to Ella in bubble bath. Cut to Ella jumping on the bed until catches sight of Paul enter the room.]
Ella: Oh my. [she get off the bed.]
Paul: You can say that again.
Ella: I can explain, I been a maid at for the orphanage so long that I haven't have time to adjust myself.
Paul: No need to I understand.
Paul: Ok if you want to be a royals you got to learn act a royals and I got the known how cause for some reason I just known how now let us begain shall we.
♪♪ Paul: Posture straight gut in a bit ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Chest out a bit now grin a bit ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Stick out that noble chin a bit ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: No that's a bit too far ♪♪

♪♪ Paul: Curtsy thus to duchess ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: And dukes and lords as much as is ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Expected of the lady that you are ♪♪

♪♪ Paul: Call the royals who reign above you ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Ladyship and Lord they love you ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: But don't speak till they address you first ♪♪

♪♪ Paul: When you're called your Royal Highness ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Stand up straight and show no shyness ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: And they may ignore it was rehearsed ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Now you! ♪♪

♪♪ Ella: Stomach out chest in and pout ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Now grin and bow down low ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: And if I'm feeling shy speak first then cry ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: My dear we've got a million miles to go! ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Oh no! ♪♪

♪♪ Paul: Though she drives me slowly crazy ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Though he's such a bore ♪♪
♪♪ Ella & Paul: Things are looking sweetly hazy ♪♪
♪♪ Ella & Paul: 'Cause I like him more and more ♪♪

♪♪ Ella: What an awful lot to know! ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: But you'll know all you ought to know ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: 'Cause frankly for me not to know ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Would mean our certain fall ♪♪

♪♪ Paul: You have every royal trait to be ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: I admit I just can't wait to be ♪♪
♪♪ Ella & Paul: A princess after all! ♪♪
[Ella and Paul begin to fall in love with each other but ignore their true emotions.]
Ella: What you doing?
Paul: What I'm doing?
Ella & Paul: What we?
[They turn away from each other.]
Paul: (ahem) Yes quite I think you do just find.
[Paul then leaving the room.]
Ella: Him no.
Paul: Her no. [standing and with arms folded across his chest.]
Ella & Paul: Can it? [screen to split diagonally]
[Cut to view of a ballroom where the villagers celebration event in Ella's honor. Zooming in at outside of the entrance door, Ella in a ball gown arrival along with Paul. But Ella start to feel nervous about if she really the lost princess and Paul notice.]
Paul: (whispering) What wrong?
Ella: (whispering) I don't known about this do you really think that I am the lost princess?
Paul: (whispering) I do.
Paul: (whispering) Now when you curtsy to the duke, allow him to.
Ella: (whispering) Take my hand and kiss it, yes. And keep myhin up high, but not at high as a queen I known. What if they don't believe me?
Paul: (whispering) But they will you look great you like a million time pound sterling.
[Paul approaching toward the entrance door.]
Paul: (whispering) Are you ready?
[Ella still nervous until start to feel convince.]
Ella: (whispering) Yes.
[Paul knocks on the door. It throws open, revealing a doorman answer.]
Paul: Good evening sir. But were here for the event.
[The doorman let them in.]
Paul: Thank you my kind fellow.
[The royal herald start play their trumpet to announce the arrival of Paul and Ella. Paul enter the ball room and make a speech to the villagers.]
Paul: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to all presenting the honorable Princess Ella.
[Ella enter the ball room and the villagers are astounding when they see Ella.]
Ella: I, I wish to thank you all for being here.
Duke: Ba, phooey! Don't try to in courage me imposter. Any sea urchin can be dress up to look fancy and taught lots of pretty words in ancient history. This girl is a shame.
Paul: You didn't give her a chance.
[Ella storms out cornered, believe they she failed. Until Ella is staring straight ahead, frozen in place realize that she remember of an old childhood memory.]
Ella: I am Princess Ella, excellency, whether you choose to acknowledge that fact or not. And, may I candidly observe, your excellency, that you bear the same ill-mannered disposition today that you did on my fifth birthday party in imperial castle, when you refuse to participate in my candle-lighting ceremony. And instead snuck off to the servants' quarters in order to drink half a case of my father best vodka.
[The duke's shock face and the villagers are astounding when they hear of what Ella said to the duke.]
Duke: I... I well anybody couldn't known about that. I mean, no it isn't true I... mean oh to the devil with you all!
[The duke storms out of the ball room, leaving everyone in ball room behind the villagers cheers to Ella.]
[When Paul starts to second guess himself when Ella becomes popular.]
Paul: (whispering) Good grief she really is the lost princess.
[When Paul seeing Ella so happy and decides to leave believing Ella doesn't need him anymore, depressed, and walked away. Ella shows confused faces when she notice Paul leaving the room with out saying goodbye. Cut to Paul leaving at the hotel alone.]
Paul: Well, I guess she won't need me any more.
Paul: What does an princess want with a nobody anyway?
[Unware, camera zooming toward a shadow figure following Paul. Cut to Paul then walks down a dark alley, where eerie moaning is heard. Until ran to the fanatic barbarians again. Paul flee, through the ally until he dives into an empty trash can and puts the lid on. The fanatic barbarians lost track for Paul and sends out searchers to find him. Cut to Amor's tower, Amor watches the following through the crystal ball.]
Amor: (screams in agony) Noooooooo!!
Scar: Wow, hey take it easy there. You know, sir, really you should watch your blood pressure. My nephew just keeled over one day, mid- mango. Stress. it's a killer sir. And he's a bird, no meat, no blood even.
[Amor stares blankly at Scar for a beat, then]
Scar: Ha wow ... Ah, you're right. It's very upsetting sir. [picks up cane] Eh, I guess this cane thing's broken.
[Scar tosses the cane over his shoulder- It flies through the air. Amor's eyes go wide in terror as he leaps to catch it.]
Amor: You idiot! [as he skids across the floor he flings his own hand ahead.]
[The hand lands under the cane, breaking its fall just in time. Amor turns on Scar, eyes red with fury.]
Scar: [backing away] Alright now sir, take it easy there. Just remember what I said to you about stress –
[Amor shoves the cane against Scar's beak]
Amor: I sold my soul for this. My life, my very existence depends on it, and you almost destroyed it! [Scar is trying to squirm away.]
Scar: I get it! I get it! 'you break it, you bought it.
Amor: See that you remember, you overgrown canary.
[Amor lets Scar drop.]
Scar: [to himself., sulking] Oh, sure, blame the bird. What the heck we're easy targets always hanging ... ar...
Amor: What are you muttering about?
Amor: Princess Ella and Prince Paul, sir. Just wishing I could do the job for you -- Sir, I'd give them a Ha then a hi ya and then a woowah and I'd kick them, sir.
[Scar mimes karate chops with his wings. He gets tangled up in his own wings, tripping himself. Amor watches disgusted.]
Amor: Oh, I have something else in mind ... something more enticing, something really cruel ...
[Cut to back at the alley, Paul peeks out of the trash can and stay alert as he exits. The shadow figure runs past him. Paul, turns around as if he saw something and keeps walking. Paul then realized he was being follow. Unexpectedly, the farmer bursts out lands on Paul getting in a scuffle as they mistake each other for the fanatic barbarians, however, they are very surprised and no longer threatening. They immediately backs off and looks at each other.]
Farmer: Paul! (realization)
Paul: Father! (Pause for realization)
[Paul and the farmer run together and greet each other. The greetings are enthused and run over each other.]
Farmer: I can't believe your alive!
Farmer: You may it!
Paul: I thought I never see you guys again!
Farmer: I figure you didn't survive the fanatic barbarians!
Paul: What are you doing here?
Farmer: What are I'm doing here? We be look all over for you.
Paul: We?
Farmer: Yeah.
Farmer: Hey boys look who here!
[The farmer's two sons come out. Paul and the farmer's two sons run together and greet each other. The greetings are enthused and run over each other.]
Son #1: Well how did you.. where did you come from... it's great to see YOU... (etc)
Son #2: Aaah! How did you... who... wow... this is cool... it's great to see you...
Paul: I've really missed you guys.
Farmer: We really missed you two.
Farmer: Come on!
Paul: Where are we going?
Farmer: To our lair.
[The farmer and his two sons lead Paul to the lair. Cut to back at the hotel, Ella talk to with all of the villagers.]
Ella: And I said, I must get out of these wet clothes and into a dry Martini!
[crowd laughs]
[The royal herald start play their trumpet to announce the arrival of the duke. The duke enter the ball room and approach to Ella.]
Duke: It is my greatest honor that you will come me to the empress.
[Ella surprise when the duke said to her. The duke extends his hand, eventually Ella accept and takes duke's hand. The duke lead Ella to the empress. Scene cuts to living at the room, the exit the hotel, heading outside, Ella gets into the stagecoach and drives away. Unaware, camera zooming toward a very narrow alley behind it is the colonel and his men appears again in a hay wagon and spotted Ella. They speeding down the street and try go after Ella to attempt eliminate her. But when they turn around the corner the horses loses control and can’t stop. The wagon loosens up from the horses, and starts spinning round until it stops and crash landed onto a fruit stand. Scene cuts to Amor's tower, Amor watches the following watches the image-of colonel and his men’s fail, seething through the crystal ball. He fire an energy laser from his cane, which begins to destroy the his tower in frustration.]
[Scar backs away from the impending explosion.]
Amor: (screaming) No, Not again!
Scar: Easy, Master, wow... This is no time to loose your, head.
[Amor exerts a monumental effort to control himself.]
Amor: You're right. [a soothing mantra] I am calm. I am heartless. I have no feelings whatsoever.
Scar: Sir.
[Amor opens his eyes, suddenly smiling.]
Amor: I feel a sudden onset of clarity, Scar. I'll have to kill her myself. In person.
Scar: (amazed) What, you mean -- physically?
Amor: You know what they say. If you want something done right...
Scar: Would that be the that means ... going out?!
Amor: Yes. I have shall personally enjoy to killing the prince and the princess with my own hands, will be so dee... licous. Well, time to go.
Scar: But you're dead! You're falling apart! Beside, how do you expect to get to there anyway?
Amor: I thought we'd take the train. [laughter]
[Amor raises his cane. Thunder and lightning crack. Billowing smoke fills the room as Amor rockets thru the ceiling.]
Scar: Wow!!
[Cut to Paul, the farmer and his two sons walking through the countryside.]
Farmer: I'm telling you, kid you're going to love our new home.
Paul: Yeah, well, about that...there something I got tell you.
Farmer: Later Paul as soon we get their. Right boys?" [notices the farmer's two sons isn't with them] "Boys? Boys?"
[The farmer's two sons has fallen behind, and is staring at something.]
Son #1: Hey guys, come up here.
Paul & Farmer: Huh? [Paul and the farmer run up]
Son #1: Look, at this poster? [He points to the poster, which shows confused faces of the farmer and his two sons.]
Farmer: Is that?
Son #1: It looks like 
Son #2: It can't be 
[Shows missing poster with kid Paul' face]
Farmer, Son #1, Son #2: Paul?
Son #2: The kid on the poster looks just like Paul.
Farmer: All well let keep moving.
[The farmer and his two sons continued their journeys, except Paul who fallen behind, and is staring at the poster.]
Paul: You think so? [Shows confused faces of Paul]
[Just then a stagecoach comes and an old person comes out. The old person approach to Paul to suspects his true identity.]
Old Person: Oh what joy! At last I found him, quick, to the mansion.
[The old person snatches Paul into the stagecoach, and drives off. The farmer and his two sons turns around.]
Son #1: Paul is it trouble!
Farmer: We must save him save we must.
[The farmer and his two sons go after the stagecoach to attempt rescue Paul from the old person. Scene cuts to the camera pointing at a castle. Inside, view of the entrance hall. There Ella and the duke arrive where they reaches up the grand staircase and approach Madame Duchess' private room. The duke knocks on the door.]
Duchess: Enter.
Duke: Wait here while I tell the empress know your here.
[The duke enter the room. Ella outside waiting exhales deeply. The duke open the door let Ella in.]
Duke: Your on.
[Ella enter the room. Cut to view of Madame Duchess is seated a coach along with Andy and Betsy now same age as Ella today and stood beside Madame Duchess.]
Duchess: Come closer child. Well, you are very pretty.
[Ella enter the room. She then bows at Madame Duchess. And approaching toward. Close up on Madame Duchess glares at Ella. Ella is astounding when she see Madame Duchess.]
Ella: Oh, after all these years you've hardly changes. now it all comes back to me.
[Ella is about give Madame Duchess a hug.]
Duchess: Enough! I have not given you leave to be so familiar.
Ella: Forgive me, Grandmama I...
Duchess: How dare you address me like that? Impudent presumptuous. Where did come from? In a tavern? On the street? In the gutter? Someone dressed you up, gave you words to parrot, and dares to parade you in front of me as my granddaughter. Come child, have you no pat answer or ready wit? My son and his entire family perished during the revolution. There has only been whisper that Ella survived. The memories that you dishonor with this charade are a great personal tragedy.
Andy: Her, Ella (laughing)
Betsy: That a good one (laughing)
Ella: Forgive me, Your Highness, if I have lost sight of the fact that you consider that tragedy more yours than mind.
Duchess: I known that you consider it an opportunity to collect a sizable inheritance.
Ella: I don't care about the money.
Duchess: Aha! But you are aware of it.
Ella: It's not why I've come. I'll give money away.
Duchess: Yes, but unfortunately you cannot give it away until you have it, and you cannot have it without my approval. So we'll never know.
Ella: You cannot be so heartless.
Duchess: My heart has been broken in pieces, the pieces carried away by a trail of charlatans exactly like yourself. If I am heartless, you are blameless only in that you have arrived too late to take any more of my heart from me. Why have you come, If not for the money?
Ella: So that I could be in a room with you again and feel what I felt when I was just a small little girl. To see myself in your eyes and be reminded once and for all who I truly am. I need you. I need you to believe.
Duchess: You are a very talented actress, mademoiselle. My compliments to your employer. But the royals are dead no matter what you say, what you do, or how you look. I will never believe otherwise.
Andy & Betsy: Yeah!
[Andy and Betsy is laughing together]
Ella: As a child, I cherished your visits to our family, as child looks forward to a special treat or a new toy. But now I see that you are nothing but a scared old woman. You won't believe because your heart is closed so tightly that you can't feel.
[Ella storms out of the room and breaks down in tears.]
Duke: Oh dear, that didn't go at all well, did it?
Duchess: Do not make light it. This is not easy for me either.
[Lucifer look alike cat waking up from his nap, then heard Ella singing. As the duke, Madame Duchess, Andy and Betsy listen to Ella sing to soothe the pain her grandmother has given her.]
♪♪ Ella: Though the sun bright days ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: And the night days are cold ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: There's a season we'll soon behold ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: When we'll all laugh together ♪♪
Duchess: No, it cannot be!
♪♪ Ella: Though we danced and sang through the night ♪♪
[Madame Duchess along with the cat, Andy and Betsy approaching toward the door.]
Duke: Catchy tune. I've never heard it before.
♪♪ Ella: Now those nights are none ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Soon they'll come a new morning light ♪♪
Duchess: Because I've never sung it to anyone but Ella.
Duchess: [throwing some doors open] This cannot be. It must not. I order you to stop!
♪♪ Ella: We'll sing and dance at the sun ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Though the fates have torn us apart ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: And we don't know how or when ♪♪
[Tears stream from Madame Duchess' eyes because she used to sing the same song to only her when she was little.]
♪♪ Ella: With the dawn I know in my heart ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: We'll be together again ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: I've known you always be in my heart ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: But fates just begun ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: Come with me I'll show you the way ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: We'll soon live free in the sun ♪♪
♪♪ Ella: And soon live free in Heaven ♪♪
Duchess: Ella, it is you.
Ella: Yes, Grandmama, I've come back.
[Ella and Madame Duchess hugs each other reuniting for the first time in several years. The duke, Andy and Betsy watches on, as astounding what they witness. The cat emerges tour Ella, crawl on Ella's shoulders and nuzzles for realization her.]
Duchess: I dared not even hope. It's her. It's really, really her.
Duke: Yes, it is!
[Andy and Betsy come toward Ella.]
Andy: Ella!
Betsy: Ella!
Andy: My dear sister! I'm sorry.
Betsy: So very sorry.
Duchess: And now the marriage will go on.
Ella: Married?
[The camera pointing a vain muscular hunter waving at Ella.]
Duchess: This is Blacque I arrange your engaged when you were two years old, don't you remember.
Duke: I suppose love conquers everything, wouldn't you say?
[Ella difficult to make her choice, but eventually accept. Scene cuts to the camera pointing at a mansion. There the stagecoach arrive at a mansion. The old person, walked out the stagecoach. Paul being dragged off by the old person.]
Paul: Unhand me, as ones. Let me go!
Old Person: I'm sorry but I can't leave Paul.
Paul: How do you known my name?
Old Person: Because you are the prince.
Paul: There must be some mistake? [he yank his hand away.]
Old Person: No mistake.
Old Person: Now come the king and queen awaits.
[The old person take Paul's hand and leads him into the mansion. Unware camera zooming toward The farmer and his two sons, sneak into the mansion and begin their search. Inside of the mansion, the old person revealing himself to be a butler.]
Butler: I am the prince's butler.
[A dog came out, then smells Paul, gets excited, and licks his face for realization.]
Butler: That is the prince's pet dog.
Paul: I'm glad to meet you to. [pat on the dog's head.]
Butler: Please, follow me.
[The butler show Paul a portrait of the king, the queen, the prince with Paul' face, and the dog as a puppy.]
Butler: This is the king and queen they had only one child, a boy named Paul. But But, alas, tragic struck when the revolution . Until now
[The farmer and his two sons spot Paul and hid behind marble columns to see. Set of curtains open and reveal the king and the queen appears at the top of the grand staircase. They reaches the landing and looks Paul.]
Butler: Your Highness, I have found the prince.
Paul: I am NOT the prince. I'm just nothing but a strolling c your majesty.
Butler: We'll get to the truth soon enough.
Butler: If he still lived would you recognize it?
King: Why of course. 
Queen: The real prince, has a birthmark like a crest on his right elbow.
[Paul learned that he have the same the mark and show it to them.]
Butler: The very mark he the prince.
[Paul shown to be shocked, very slowly as he walk backward, then pull back as he turns around and stroms out unil kneels on the ground. Paul looks at the state of the mansion in place realize the love of his real parents and the remembrance of his prince life.]
♪♪ Paul: Under the bright blue endless sky ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Wait, I remember that ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: How I know that song ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I remember sitting in the moonlight and that feeling ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: What's that feeling? ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I remember, yes, ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: How I know that song ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Though it's been so long ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I remember happiness with out a floor or ceiling ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: What's that feeling ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I remember ♪♪

♪♪ Paul: La, la, la ♪♪

♪♪ Paul: Oh! I remember them, and how we were ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I remember wanting with the evening, would be bringing ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I remember singing under the bright blue endless sky ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Waves try to measure the days that we treasure ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: And I, I remember... I remember music ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: And I'm never going back to the being a nobody ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I will stay each days, spend every until I get tired ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: For I, I remember them ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: I remember music ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: And I remember LOVE ♪♪
♪♪ Paul: Love ♪♪
King: Our son!
Queen: Oh Paul! My Paul! 
[Paul and his real parents hugs each other reuniting for the first time in several years. The butler share tears through his eyes. The dog emerges and stand by Paul.]
The farmer and his two sons shown to be shocked what they seeing Paul how happy with his real parents, heartbroken they decides to leave believing Paul doesn't need them anymore, depressed, and walked away. Paul and his real parents spot the farmer and his two sons.]
Queen: Hey wait! don't you want the reward?
[The farmer and his two sons exit the mansion. Paul shows confused faces when he notice the farmer and his two sons leaving the mansion with out saying goodbye. Cut to Paul's parents offers.]
Butler: And now the wedding will go on.
Paul: What?
[The camera pointing a beautiful woman blink her right eye at Paul.]
Queen: Paul we like meet Belle.
King: We arrange a future wife for you years ago, but I guess you don't remember that.
Paul's mother: Oh we known you two will be perfect for each other.
[Paul difficult to make his choice, but eventually accept. Cut to outside of the mansion. The farmer and his two sons sitting on the street with sad faces.]
Farmer: We sure are going to miss Paul.
Son #1: Yeah.
Son #2: It seem is not to be the same without him around.
Son #1: And there nothing that we can do about it, nothing?
Farmer: Yeah. Wait a minute? What are we doing? Who said there nothing that we could do? Just because Paul it is the prince that doesn't mean we can't stop to seeing him.
Son #1: Really?
Son #2: You think so?
Farmer: Yeah, come on!
[The farmer and his two sons are about to sneak back at the mansion. Just then they turns around and watch a stagecoach arrive at the mansion. Cut to Paul, Paul's parents, and the dog  leaving at the mansion, gets into the stagecoach and drives away. The farmer and his two sons race away and follow the stagecoach. Cut to a palace. Inside, the camera pans through into the front door of a room and revealing view of Madame Duchess smiling proudly accompanied Ella as her was being dressed while the cat, Andy and Betsy watches them.]
Duchess: Oh we known you and Blacque made for each other.
[Ella look at herself through the mirror on the wall, feeling worried about the choice she to marry Blacque. Scene cuts to a stagecoach drives on the street. In the cart, Paul's parents smiling proudly accompanied Paul.]
King: I'm proud of you realized you must uphold the family tradition.
Queen: As our son and heir you have certain obligations the most important of these is to marry and continue the family line.
Paul: [Ella looking out the window, feeling worried about the choice she to marry Belle.]
Queen: What bother you my son?
Paul: I don't known? Is just that...well...what if...what if I don't want any of this?
[The dog walking tour Paul to comforts him.]
King: Your a prince you can make choices whatever pleases.
Paul: You really think so?
[Cut to outside of the palace, the stagecoach arrive. Paul, the dog, and Paul's parents walked out the stagecoach and into the palace. Unware camera zooming toward The farmer and his two sons just arrive and begin sneak into the palace. Scene cuts to inside of the palace, the entire extended villagers in the royal ball, dance on the floor. Ella carefully pokes her head up into the opening to looks through the curtaiin and sees at the crowd. Madame Duchess watches Ella so nervous about the many of people there.]
Ella: I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this. [she turn away and about to flee]
Duchess: Where you going honey? [Madame Duchess appears next to Ella.]
Ella: I can't do this Grandmama.
Duchess: Ella you don't know what would happen on least you try. [She places her hand on Ella's shoulder.]
[Ella begin to encouraging to herself of what Madame Duchess said to her. The royal herald start play their trumpet to announce the arrival. A spotlight shine on Ella, Madame Duchess, the cat, Andy and Betsy appears at the top of the grand staircase. They reaches the landing and get to sit in a their throne throughout the dance. Cut to the other side of the ballroom Paul, Paul's parents and the dog enters. Cut to an aerial view of the ballroom. There everyone through a computer perfect dance sequence. Paul spots Ella sitting her throne looking sad. She sees Paul. At this, both are is shocked when they saw each other at the ballroom. When Ella notice Paul is royals. Her eyes widen and she smiles. She then waves at Paul. He shake his head and point to his chest him, then goes over to her. Ella walks over to Paul. Paul stands before Ella and bows to her.]
Paul: Your graciousness [He kiss Ella's hand.]
[Ella is embarrassed and bows to Paul. When Madame Duchess, delighted, turns back, but sees Ella and Paul together. While Paul's parents watch throughout the dance until they to Ella and Paul together. Madame Duchess and Paul's parents spots each other.]
Duchess & King: You! [screen to split diagonally]
[Ella and Paul appeared shocked. Cut to Paul's parents and the dog walk down and the dog follows them. Madame Duchess approaches while the cat, Andy and Betsy follows her. They meet where Ella and Paul are. They confront each other aggressively.]
King: What are you doing here to our celebration!?
Duchess: Your celebration you mean our celebration!? We where here first.
Andy & Betsy: Yeah!
King: I disagree where here first.
Queen: Now, now let's not get nasty. Just steps aside and let's us enjoyed our celebration.
Duchess: No.
Queen: Pardon me?
Duchess: You heard me! Besides, It all your fault.
Queen: Our fault? 
Duchess: If wasn't for you my son and his entire family would still be alive.
Queen: Well I assured you that we will not take suck nonsense.
[They went their separate ways.]
King: Come Paul! [Paul's parents drag Paul away.]
Duchess: Lets go Ella! [Madame Duchess drag  Ella away.]
[Paul and Ella trying to reach each other hand.]
Ella: No Grandmama. [she yank her hand away.]
[Paul and Ella run over to each-other, proving their actual feelings.]
Paul: She is sweet.
Ella: He nice.
Paul: She is beautiful.
Ella: He handsome.
Paul & Ella: And I love...
Paul: Her!
Ella: Him!
[Paul and Ella ran off into the middle of the ballroom. Pan left to reveal Paul's parents, Madame Duchess, Andy and Betsy appeared shocked. Cut to a spotlight shine on Paul and Ella appears at the dance floor, begin to waltz. Pan surrounded by the villagers in attendance. Paul and Ella begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.]
Paul: Hi.
Ella: Hi.
Ella: So your a prince.
Paul: I guess so.
[The two about to kiss, but then the music stop. They turn head. Cut to the palace starting to wild kickering. BOOM! A miniature tornado appear coming toward Paul and Ella. The tornado revealing Amor appearance.]
Paul: Don't worried, Your Highness.
Paul: I protect you. [brings up his sword.]
[Amor knocked off Paul.]
Ella: Oh no!
[Amor maniacal laugh, trapping Ella in cane handle and then promptly disappears in front of the crowed. Paul comes out his coma. He turn his head and see Ella is gone.]
Paul: Ella.
[Paul then realize where Ella might be.]
King: Paul?
[Paul exit out the ballroom. Cut to Paul rushes mounts a horse and rides off. Paul's parents and the duke runs out in front of the Paul's horse, startling it.]
King: What are you doing?
Paul: Trust me.
[Paul sets off to rescue Ella.]
Duke: Close the gate!, close the gate!
[Cut to inside of the gate tower. a guard proceed to close the gate. Cut to the gate close down. The guards come out to block off Paul way. Close up on Paul riding his horse on high speed to the gate, then jump over the guards and make it through just before the gate closes. Cut to the farmer and his two sons arrives at the palace and spot Paul past them. Cut to back the palace where the crowed are stun for the kidnapping of Ella. Cut to Madame Duchess crying in tears, while Andy and Betsy try to to comforts her. Cut to Paul's parents and the duke comes running in.]
Duke: I'll send the troops sent after him at once.
[However, Paul's father stops the guards and give Paul a chance.]
King: : No let him go. This is something he has to do alone.
[Cut to Amor's tower, inside Ella bound with chains and s to escape.]
Ella: What you going to with me? You who I am?
[She turns to face...]
Amor: Ella.
[Amor. A silhouette in the moonlight. Hunched over. Atrophied. Holding the glowing cane. He steps closer. Amor bows cynically, cruelly.]
Amor: Your Imperial Highness. Look what ten years has done to us: you a beautiful young flower and me a rotting corpse. 
Ella: That face!
Amor: Last seen at a party like this one. 
Ella: The curse....
[He ominously raises the cane.]
Amor: Followed by a tragic night, remember!
[WHOOSH! -- Amor fires a stream of crackling smoke from the cane! It ices over the bridge and everything around it!]
[Ella is thrown to the ground by the blast. She picks herself up. Now she remembers.]
Ella: Amor!
Amor: [imitating, mocking] "Amor!" Yes is I the one who destroyed your precious family! But what goes around comes around! 
[He bursts out in laughter as he raises the cane. Ella stands frozen in terror, unsure of what comes next. Smoke billows out.]
[Bats take shape from the smoke! They swarm towards Ella like a pack of locusts as we hear the flapping of thousands of wings, They taunt her! Spinning in circles!]
Amor: And around! And around! And around! And around!
Ella: Stop no, get away. No, no...
[Amor laughs gleefully. Her terror brings him joy.]
[Ella fighting them, hitting them. The bats squawk like the cowards they are and suddenly dissipate back into smoke. Gone, disappeared.]
[Cut to Scar flies up to a gargoyle and perches there safely.]
Scar: That it Amor, squeeze her like a bug.
[Cut to Paul arrives, getting off the horse and rushes inside Amor's tower to rescue Ella.]
[Cut to Ella locks her eyes onto Amor's. She takes a step forward, facing him in all his horror. Rasputin smiles but cannot betray a hint of surprise.]
Ella: I'm not afraid of you.
Amor: I can fix that! Care for a little swim under the ice?
[WHOOSH! -- Smoke shoots from the cane. Cracks race across  like lightning bolts.]
[WHOOSH! -- The  creaks and moans hideously!]
[WHOOSH! -- A blast of snow and ice slams into Anya like a fist, throwing her backwards as she slides down the side! Amor laughs.]
Amor: Say your prayers, Ella! No one can save you! 
Paul: Wanna bet?
[Amor spins to see Paul charging him. Paul smashes him in the face with his fist. Amor spins and the cane shoots again, blasting . Ella falls further downward as pieces of the bridge crumble. Paul leaps over the side after her. Amor looks over the side at them.]
[Ella struggles to grasp his hand. Their eyes meet.]
Ella: Paul!
Paul: Ella! Hang on!
[Amor stares down at them over the side.]
Amor: How enchanting, "together again", for the last TIME! 
[Amor fires his cane! A swarm of Minions blast Paul into the air, higher and higher and right onto the .]
[Meanwhile, Ella has climbed to the edge. She sees Paul. Amor suddenly grabs her.]
Amor: Finally, the last royals death!
[Amor laughs as Ella looks side ward to see another way up. Suddenly the dog leaps up and grabs the cane in his mouth.]
[The dog leaps away with the cane and smashes it on the ground.]
[KABOOM! -- IT EXPLODES! A green light sprays into Amor, beginning with his fingers a coursing into him like an electric current. Like a beacon in the night. A lighthouse attracting the denizens of hell, who arrive, wings beating him down... enveloping him. circling him.]
[His skin glows. It shimmers. Then it starts to melt off him! Leaving nothing but a rattling, screaming skeleton! The skeleton cracks, unhinges, the skull keeps screaming! The bones fall apart and crumble t dust as spirits fly away.]
Scar: I'm getting out of here! (exit)
[Scar flying away when seen Amor destroy.]
[Ella hurries over to Paul, who lies there, still as death. She gently strokes his hair.]
Ella: Paul? Paul?
Ella: (crying) Oh, no! No, no! You can't! Please don't leave me! I love you!
[Ella gives Paul a faint kiss on the lips. Paul awakens, sees Ella.]
Paul: Ella?
Ella: Paul?
[They begins to smile each other. Ella embraces Paul. Both are so happy the other is alive that their love can't help but sputter out... Ella put her hand up to Paul's cheek and holds it there for a second. Paul and Ella stare passionately at each other, but the moment is interrupted.]
Paul: Look? (point out)
[Paul and Ella spots a glowing light and sees four shadowy figures. The figures reveal their true identities to her father, her mother, her brother and her sister.]
Ella: Mom? Dad? Brother? Sister?
Ella's mother: Yes.
Ella: Is it ready you?
Ella's mother: (nodding) Mhm.
Ella: It is so good to see you.
Ella: Say are you?
Ella's mother: A spirit from beyond why yes.
Ella: So why haven't you crossed over?
Ella's mother: We never left. We promise that will after you.
Paul: Well who knew?
Ella's mother: Well our time is about up so is time for us to go.
Ella: But I don't want you to go.
Ella's mother: We'll always be with you. [She places her hand on Ella's chest]
[Ella's family exit to a grand stairs and going up to heaven. Paul and Ella witnesses the spirits of Ella's family ascending into the afterlife. Ella and Paul look towards the sun rising, smiles broadly. Close up on the sun and the image becomes wider. Cut to the two castle which is now restore, while shows credit on the screen: "Sometime Later." The camera pointing at the second castle.]
[Chorale music]
[Inside, a view of to the ballroom, where all are gathered to a royal ceremony witness the event. Madame Duchess and Paul's parents comes down and greets as Paul and Ella appear arm in arm, walking down an aisle. Paul and Ella knee down before the throne.]
Duchess: Today, for this moment on we here by come together in peace treaty.
[Cheering and applause]
[lnstrumental folk music]
[Cut to an aerial view of the ballroom. Paul and Ella dance around the room as everyone through a computer perfect dance sequence.]
Ella: Isn't this everything you've ever wanted?
Paul: Not quite everything.
[Paul and Ella kiss each other.]
[Madame Duchess and Paul's parents smiling proudly watches throughout the dance. The camera stops on the butler, who is beginning to cry. Cut to Paul and Ella who continue to dance around the floor. The camera stops on the farmer who now in a fancy suit. Cut to the farmer's two sons now in a fancy s dance with Andy and Betsy. Cut to the dog run up with the cat and play together. Cut to on other side of the ballroom Blacque and Belle commiserate is sitting on the side of the room, alone. After meeting each other they found love and decided to dance together. Cut to a camera looking over the entire ballroom with all in the shot. It slowly zooms out with Paul and the Ella dancing around the room. The storybook fades in, showing the exact same scene, and is slowly closed as the film ending...]
[The End]

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