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A adult animated military film.

Plot: The film follows, a group of vigilante militia: Mason Woods, a covert operations expert; Evangelene Steffen, a demolitions expert; Toll Nosnik, a communications and computers expert; and Nico Ryuunosuke are gathered for a meeting in a junkyard, led by a muscled, war conspiracy psychopath woman named Ripley Connor and planning to kill The President of the United States.

The story is intercut with flashbacks of Ripley's origin. It is revealed that she was once fulfills her childhood dream of becoming a army. When she full grown and come by an U. S. Army recruitment office. The desk officer directs  to a room where he is to undergo a physical examination (with the exception being the women checking each person's X-Ray). She passes the eye exam.

Once in, the drill sergeant welcomes the soldiers to the army. After a day of training, Ripley and the soldiers take a shower.

At the canteen, Ripley is joined by three girl soldiers who make fun of her. A man come in, and is referred to as Brad Toukaji. He is about to seated, but notices Ripley depressed sitting a table, alone. Feeling bad, Brad decided to cheer her up, by walks towards Ripley and offers her his own tray. She takes it. As he walks away and waves to her, she waves back, smiling, then sighs dreamily and begin to falls in love with Brad.

During basic training, Ripley trying to fit in with her comrades although she faces difficulties, she manages to overcome them and successfully complete the obstacle course.

That night, Ripley cannot sleep, so they go for a walk. Ripley notices Brad and joins him, as they both cannot sleep.

They begin to bond each and about to share a kiss, until soon discovers a group of Neo-Nazism are planning to invades.

When Ripley and Brad goes back to warn the others about the  both are spotted and forced to escape for their lives.

A siren is heard to notify the boot camp is attack. The soldiers gets preparing for battle. They charges, but the enemies retaliates with gunfire, causing them to  hidden for take cover. As the soldiers begin gun battle at the enemies, Ripley and Brad arrives in the middle of the shootout. Both get down on the ground and crawls to beside the drill sergeant and the general. When Ripley peeps out to watch. She then spots the leader of the Neo-Nazism. Brad gets shot while taking cover during the battle. The drill sergeant shoots the leader of the Neo-Nazism, causing them stop shooting and rushes to his side. The drill sergeant and the soldiers then charges and captures the enemies.

Brad declares that they have won the battle today, but the war will never end. As he lies on the ground, apparently dead from his injuries, Ripley begins weeping over his loss and swears vengeance.

In the present, the arrival of the President and make a public speech to the world. Ripley and the team finally make their move and kill the President. However, the general happened to be at the White House, forcing Ripley and her crew to flees. The gang escape, but Ripley is arrested. Don't know what to do, Ripley's gang decided to go out on their own together.

A global news broadcast reports about Ripley murdering the President and she is sentenced to death.

Ripley is taken out for execution with her hands tied. She walks against the wall and is blindfolded. As the firing squad is setting up for the Ripley's execution, Ripley requests one last smoke. After she finishes smoking, the execution continued. She states that her only regret is that she has "but one life to give for the goods of the America people", delays the execution.


Katey Sagal as Ripley Connor, the main character.

⦁ TBA as young Ripley.

⦁ Paul Le Mat as teen Ripley.

Boris Kodjoe as Mason Woods, a covert operations expert.

TBA as Evangelene Steffen, a demolitions expert.

TBA as Toll Nosnik, a communications and computers expert.

TBA as Nico Ryuunosuke, Ripley's partner.

Additional Voices

Dick Miller as a gun shop clerk (from archival recordings).

Eric Bauza as Policeman#1

TBA as Policeman#2

TBA as radio announcer

TBA as TV announcer

Julie Andrews as Ripley's mother

TBA as Desk Officer

TBA as Woman Doctor

Dan Castellaneta as Drill Sergeant

TBA as Female Soldier#1

TBA as Female Soldier#2

TBA as Female Soldier#3

TBA as Brad Toukaji

TBA as General

TBA Reporter

TBA as Guard

Richard McGonagle as The President of the United States

TBA as Newscaster

TBA as Sergeant

TBA as Commander


◾ Ripley Connor is a version to Amelia von Butch from Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?

◾ Brad Toukaji is mixture of Dr. Brad Scott from Wreck-It Ralph and Toshimitsu Tokaji from 801 T.T.S. Airbats.