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[Opening shot: a shopping mall at day. Inside, the shot zooms through out of the shopping mall. Cut to a foot enter through the sliding door operator of the shopping mall, where the camera pans from the ground to the top of a middle-aged, but physically fit Caucasian woman, with long, blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a sunglasses, black tank top, black pants, black gloves, spy equipment, and black knee-length boots.]

[The woman walking through the shopping mall, carry an army green duffel bag and searching for something. She notices a gun shop and enters in. Cut to inside of the gun shop: tight on countertop as an AR-180 assault rifle with scope is laid beside a number of other guns: a Colt K-model .45 ACP, a Smith and Wesson .38 four-inch, a Bertta .225 ACP.]

Woman:...the Remington 1100 Autoloader...

[Wide as the clerk, who looks like a sick lizard, pallid and paunchy, takes the rifle from a wall rack. He lays it beside the arsenal of perfectly legal anti-human artillery already on the glass counter. The woman looks expressionlessly for additional selections.]

Clerk: Anything else?

[She indicates the display case and wall racks with a minimal gesture.]

Woman: The Uzi 9 millimeter.

Clerk: (setting it out) You know your weapons.

[The woman examines each in turn, working the actions with curt, precise movements.]

Clerk: (continuing) Any one of them's ideal for home defense. Which'll it be?

Woman: All.

[The clerk digs deep and finds a scrap of a smile.]

Clerk: Maybe I'll close early. Cash or charge?

[Instead of replying, the woman takes a box of shotgun shells from a stack on the display case.]

Clerk: Sorry, I can't sell the ammo with the guns. You'll have to---Hey!

[The woman has calmly begun feeding the shells into the shotgun.]

Clerk: (continuing) You can't to that...

Woman: Wrong.

[She raises the barrel and pulls the trigger. The gun thunders. Cut to the woman stormed out the gun shop while carry the army green duffel bag full of guns. The woman pull out a rifle and start firing in the air as she walking. A woman customer screams, prompting the people in the shopping mall panic and run in fear. Unaware, two policeman came out of nowhere with there service guns drawn.]

Policeman#1: Freeze! Drop your weapon and your hands on top of your head! Now nicely slow turn.

[The woman drop the rife, then place her hands on her head and slowing turn.]

Policeman#1: Crap! You're Ripley Connor! Don't move, you crazy bitch.

[Ripley pull out a gun and shot one of the policeman and killing him. The second policeman hidden behind a support post as Ripley attempt to kill him. The second policeman slams up, back first, against the support post and takes out his radio to notify the other policemen of the situation.]

Policeman#2: This is code 10-68, I need back up!

[Ripley stops shooting and run. As Ripley is about to exits through the sliding door operator of the shopping mall, when a group of three policemen with guns drawn, their cruisers parked behind them. Ripley pull out a smoke grenade and throw it at them. Instantly, the smoke grenade spray smokes causing the policemen can't see. Ripley quickly flees. Cut to a van in a parking lot. Inside of the van, an Takuya Isurugi look alike 16 years old boy wearing Lucas Stevens' outfit, Nico Ryuunosuke who is reading a magazine. Cut to Ripley arrives in the parking lot and gets in into the van slide door.]

Nico: Oh, um, Ripley sir I mean ma'am I was just.

Ripley: GO!

[The van blasts out of the sunlight on a highway. Inside of the speeding van, Ripley s fetal position in the back. She then looks upwards. Nico see Ripley stare at the rear-view mirror. He then turns on the radio.]

Radio Announcer: We interrupt all programming to an issue a statewide alert. There's been a shoot out in a shopping mall. Polices identify the shooter as Ripley Connor, a former soldier.

[Nico turns off the radio. The camera pans to Ripley start to dream of her childhood.]

[In a flashback, 10 years old version of Ripley is watching an Allied forces propaganda film in her living room along with her mother who is sitting on a chair and knitting.]

TV Announcer: Soldiers On The March. [the word "Soldiers On The March" appears.]

TV Announcer: Across the nation and the globe, [Cut to a newsreel globe.]

TV Announcer: these brave soldiers are taking off in the fight for freedom. [Cut to a handshake.]

TV Announcer: Fighting against the battling forces of the enemy, [Cut to two tanks driving into the war zone.]

TV Announcer: these fine-soldiers are the pride of the forces, [Cut to three solders firing with their rifle behind a fortification.]

TV Announcer: It's the U.S. Army Service that leads the way, [Cut to soldiers marching.]

TV Announcer: Whether in the sky, [Cut to three jet fighters flying into the air.]

TV Announcer: or under the water, [Cut to a submarine sailing into an ocean.]

TV Announcer: these proud soldiers are the model of childhood. [Cut to a soldier get a medal.]

TV Announcer: But don't count out the women, War bond birds play a vital role in raising moneys for the troops. [Cut to an Armed forces woman ringing a bell in a street next a donation pot as a hand.]

TV Announcer: Wait a minute, Ahoy, mates, nurses at two o 'clock. Now, that's what I call a task force. [Camera pans over to three sexy nurses.]

TV Announcer: Luxury baths? Why not? These hearty heroes need to look their best. [Cut to a soldier taking a bath in a bathtub.]

TV Announcer: Of course, not just anyone can make the cut. [Cut to stamps a check mark on a bodybuilder man's head.]

[Cut to stamps an X on a messy man's head.]

TV Announcer: But there's always room for a few brave recruits. [Cut to an army recruitment poster.]

TV Announcer: And there they go, off to another exciting mission. [Cut to a soldier gets in the cockpit and starts the plane.]

TV Announcer: Soldiers, we salute you. [Camera pans right to soldiers salute to the spirit of freedom.]

Young Ripley: I'm going to be a soldier when I'm grown up.

Ripley's mother: Sorry Ripley, but I don't think they a women in the army.

[Young Ripley begin to feeling down and look out the TV.]

[Back the present, the camera pointing at a shack in a junkyard. Inside, revealing it is a hideout used by group of militia.]

[The camera point out at a big and muscular bald black man, wearing an olive green tank top, military green cargo pants and military brown boots, Mason Woods who is polishing a AR-15 Rifle.]

[Next, the camera point out at a 17 years old white girl with spiky purple hair, wearing a white tank top, black fingerless gloves, red headband, military green cargo pants with side pockets, and black and white sneakers with black stripes, Evangelene Steffen who is performing the crunch.]

[Finally, the camera point out at a short and overweight guy with a mustache and a beard, wearing a yellow knit cap, military camouflage patterns uniform, coyote brown military vest, and black boots, Toll Nosnik who is looking through his laptop.]

[Ripley kicks the door open and enters in.]

Ripley: Soldiers, Ten-hut!

[Mason, Evangelene, Toll, and Nico gets in a line shoulder-to-shoulder.]

Ripley: Soldiers fall in!

[Ripley walk up to Mason.]

Ripley: Sound off, soldiers!

Mason: Mason Woods, Covert insurgent. Sharp as a razor, Ma'am!

Ripley: Good to have you in board.

[Ripley walk up to Evangelene.]

Evangelene: Evangelene Steffen, Demolition is my mission, Ma'am!

Ripley: Make your mother proud soldier.

[Ripley walk up to Toll.]

Toll: Toll Nosnik, Communications and Computers expert, Ma'am!

Ripley: Serve me well soldier.

[Ripley walk up to Nico.]

Nico: Nico Ryuunosuke, reporting duty, Ma'am!

Ripley: Welcome on board.

Ripley: Soldiers, this is the face of the enemy [Ripley shows some images of the President of United States] He is vicious, ruthless and will stop for nothing.

[After showing images of the President of United States, Ripley then pull a rope and a large American-flag backdrop backdrop in behind of her.]

Ripley: Soldiers, no poor sap ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by being all that he can be. Damn the torpedoes or give me death! Eternal vigilance is the price of duty. And to the victors go the spoils. So, are the best of the best of the few and the proud! So, ask not what your country can do for you...only regret that you have but one life to live. Tomorrow, we're going to make history. For America, for glory, for freedom.

Mason, Evangelene, Toll & Nic: [cheering]

Ripley: Now head for bed soldiers.

Mason, Evangelene, Toll & Nico: Yes, ma'am!

[Mason, Evangelene, Toll, and Nico picks their spots to sleep around the shack and all fall asleep. Ripley silent walk to the shack's window looking at the view of a city.]

[In a flashback, a bus pulls up to the U. S. Army. 16 years old version of Ripley gets out of the bus and the bus pulls away.]

Teen Ripley: Wow, I'm finally here.

[Teen Ripley bravely enter the entrance of the boot camp. Teen Ripley notices that some other soldiers are looking at her, she keeps walking, She spots a recruitment office and enters in. Inside, Teen Ripley walks up to the desk to ask the male officer.]

Teen Ripley: I'm here to join up.

Desk Officer: Right over there. (He points out.)

Teen Ripley: Thank you. (exits)

[Cut to Teen Ripley and the other women in breast and nude uncensored line-up to undergo a physical examination. Cut to a female doctor checking each person's X-Ray. Teen Ripley going through the X-ray machine showing her X-ray.]

[Cut to an office where Teen Ripley getting test by an another female doctor in eye exam room.]

Woman Doctor: Now then, I want you to read as much of this chart if you can.

Teen Ripley: H, B, P, V, and L.

Woman Doctor: Next line.

Teen Ripley: H, C, O, and E.

Woman Doctor: Next line.

Teen Ripley: H, P, D, N, and L.

Woman Doctor: Next line.

Teen Ripley: D, V, H, T, L, and U.

Woman Doctor: Last line.

Teen Ripley: E, V, O, U, C, T, and Y.

Woman Doctor: Close enough.

[Cut to Teen Ripley and the others standing straight in a line outside to the flagpole. A military jeep pulls up in front of Teen Ripley and the others. A drill sergeant come out and he walk up to them.]

Drill Sergeant: Welcome to the army soldiers. For the long i days you will become the few, the proud, the brave, the heroic soldiers.

Drill Sergeant: Attention!

[Teen Ripley and the others puffing out their chest.]

Drill Sergeant: About face!

[Teen Ripley and the others makes an 180-degree turn.]

Drill Sergeant: Forward March!

Drill Sergeant: Move it! Move it! Move it! [Teen Ripley and the others runs.]

[In a montage of Teen Ripley participate an obstacle course.]

Drill Sergeant: Alright soldiers, hit the shower.

[Cut to the communal shower, were the female soldiers in breast and nude uncensored are taking there shower. Camera pans over to Teen Ripley in breast and nude uncensored taking a shower. Cut to the mess hall, the soldiers all eating their meals. Zooming to Teen Ripley sitting a table, alone. Camera pans over to Teen Ripley feeling depressed. Three female soldiers approach at the table, were Teen Ripley seats.]

Female Soldier#1: Well, well, well if it is the new girl. Told tell me the new girl have lost her appetite.

Female Soldier#2: That about bad trait if you don't eat won't you get you will not may it in combat.

[The second female soldier taking the foods off Teen Ripley's tray. The three female soldiers then exit leaving Teen Ripley continue being depressed. Camera pans over to a handsome young man with waving brown hair. Cut to the three female soldiers sees the handsome young man with waving brown hair.]

Female Soldier#1: It Brad Toukaji.

Female Soldier#2: There he is.

Female Soldier#3: He is so handsome.

[Brad passed through with the three female soldiers swooning over, behind him. As Brad is about to gets seated, he notices Teen Ripley depressed sitting a table, alone. He feel bad for Teen Ripley so he decided to cheer her up, he walks towards Teen Ripley at the table.]

Brad: You want my. [Camera pans over to Brad gives his tray to Teen Ripley.]

[Teen Ripley nods mutely and takes the tray. He walks away and waves over his shoulder, and she waves back, smiling. 'She sighs dreamily and begin to falls in love with Brad, but interrupted by the drill sergeant enter the mess hall.]

Drill Sergeant: Lunch over, time to hit to bed!

[Cut to zooms to a bunk outside at night. Inside, the others female soldiers enter the bunk, followed by Teen Ripley. She looks around and pick out her own bed. They all fall asleep for the night.]

[Cut to the boot camp skyline at night. After a few seconds, the sun comes up. Inside, Teen Ripley and others female soldiers are still sleeping in their bunk beds. At the sound of "Reveille" Teen Ripley and others female soldiers are woken by it. They all rushes out their beds, getting dress and run outside.]

[Cut to the soldiers running the obstacle course. We sees Teen Ripley gets by one of the three female soldiers. Brad helps her up.]

[Cut to montage of Teen Ripley trying to fit in with her comrades although she faces difficulties, she manages to overcome them and successfully complete the obstacle course.]

[Cut to the mess hall at dusk. Inside, Teen Ripley is eating her meal at a table. The drill sergeant appear.]

Drill Sergeant: Alright, time to hit the sack!

[Teen Ripley and the other soldiers march to the bunk. Inside of the bunk, Teen Ripley gets into bed and fall asleep. During the night, Teen Ripley cannot sleep, so she go for a walk. Cut to Teen Ripley walks through the boot camp. She stops and notices Brad looking at the sky on the top of the lonely hill. Teen Ripley decided to comforts Brad while sitting next to him.]

Teen Ripley: Hey.

Brad: Hey.

Teen Ripley: The night is beautiful.

Brad: It sure is.

Teen Ripley: Listen, thanks for what you did at the mess hall and the obstacle course.

Brad: Your well come.

Teen Ripley: My name is Ripley, Ripley Connor.

Brad: Brad, Brad Toukaji.

Teen Ripley: How come you you stood up for at the mess hall?

Brad: That easy, I felt bad you.

Teen Ripley: Really...well...I mean... maybe we are met to be each other.

[Teen Ripley smiles at Brad and Brad smiles back. Both angle their heads ever so carefully so as to enjoy this bit of lip contact to the fullest, but Teen Ripley sees something.]

Teen Ripley: Hey, take a look there.

[Cut to an army covered wagon arrive entering through the entrance of the boot camp. Multiple of ski mask intruders comes out of the vehicle and unloaded guns.

[The camera zooms to reveal Teen Ripley and Brad watching from top of the lonely hill. Brad node and point on Teen Ripley. They both sneak away to warn the others about the intruders.]

[Cut to the intruders are gets in a line shoulder-to-shoulder and the leader walk up to them.]

Leader: (speaking in German) [The camera zooms a Nazi symbol patch on the intruders to reveal that they are Neo-Nazism. One of them spots Teen Ripley and Brad, he alerts to the leader in German.] [They all shoot at them, forcing Teen Ripley and Brad to flee. The Neo-Nazism start attacks the boot camp.]

Teen Ripley: (yells) Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm! [runs away, with Brad behind her.]

[Cut to show a watchtower, were a soldier notice the situation and push a button. An air-raid siren goes off. Cut to all the soldiers rushes out their beds and run outside.]

Drill Sergeant: Alright soldiers let go we are code red repeat code! Let moves, moves, moves, moves, move!

[The soldiers prepare for battle. A soldier took guns from the artillery room and passed them to the other soldiers. The soldiers charges at the opposing, leading by the general. But the Neo-Nazism start shoot at the soldiers, forcing them to hidden for take cover.]

General: Start firing at the enemy.

Drill Sergeant: Let them have it!

[The soldiers firing their guns as the Neo-Nazism continues to shooting at them. Teen Ripley and Brad arrives in the middle of the shootout. Both get down on the ground and crawls to beside the drill sergeant and the general.]

Teen Ripley: Is there anything we can do?

Drill Sergeant: Yeah. Stay down!

[Teen Ripley peeps out to watch. She then spots the leader of the Neo-Nazism.]

Teen Ripley: That is there leader. (She points out.)

[Brad get shot by a Neo-Nazi and collapses on the ground. The drill sergeant shot the Neo-Nazism leader killing him. The Neo-Nazism stop shooting and rushes to their leader's aid.]

Drill Sergeant: I got him sir. It the end of the line for them.

General: Good work. Order a charge sergeant.

Drill Sergeant: Move in soldiers, move in!

[The soldiers charge at the Neo-Nazism and captures them. Cut back to Teen Ripley and Brad.]

Teen Ripley: No, no, no Brad. Look at me, look at me I'm right here don't go stay with Brad.

[Brad is barely breathing.]

Teen Ripley: It OK, your going to be find, is all over.

Brad: Yes is over for now. We have won the battle today, but the war will never end.

[He succumbs to his wounds and dies. She can’t believe this has happened.]

Teen Ripley: (crying) No, no! Please! Please! Please don’t leave me!

[She sobbing over the Brad's dead body.]

Teen Ripley: Oh, Brad! (Zoom in slowly; her tears give way to rage.)...I swear your death shall be avenge.

[Back the present, the camera pointing at the White House. Cut to the area outside the White House entrance, where eager spectators and press personnel crowd up to the cordons that have been strung along either side of this. The reporter is in the foreground.]

Reporter: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm reporting live at the White House. What we are seeing the President of United States is now just arriving. To make a public speech.

[A limousine pulls up to the curb, and the guard door opens. A guard is the first to get out.]

Guard: All clear. (walks off)

[The President come out of the limousine along with other guards around him. In the crowd, Nico wear a trench coat and a sunglasses. He take to his wire hidden the trench coat to notify Toll.]

Nico: This is Nico.

Nico: Come in Toll do read me over. [Cut to the van outside the White House entrance. Inside of the van, Toll is monitoring things on a computer.]

Toll: This Toll here, go ahead.

Nico: I'm in ready to go.

Toll: I let Ripely known over and out. [hangs up]

Toll: Come in Ripely.

Toll: Ripely are you there. (Cut to Ripely who is backstage.)

Ripley: This is Ripely, what is your status?

Toll: We're all set and ready to go in commands.

Ripley: Good.

[Cut to Manson is on the rooftop of the White House.]

Ripley: Mason do have the eye of the target?

Mason: Loud and clear.

[The camera shows a littered with the corpses of the guards that Mason kill behind him.]

[Cut to Evangelene leading up against the side of the White House.]

Ripley: And you Evangelene?

Evangelene: I am ready as soon you say the world.

Ripley: Now remember wait for my signal.

[Cut to a podium on the stage between a two guards and the general near. The President then approaches the podium and make his speech.]

President: My good people. It is my honor that rest to sure you that I will not to protect the world from evil. I promised you that I will wreak crime off the streets. Thieves, murderers, confidence men, immigrants, illiterates, and anarchists. Making the world a safe place.

[The crowd cheer.]

Ripley: Now!

[Evangelene pull out a dynamite, lit it with a match and throw it at the stage. The crowd immediately goes into a panicked frenzy.]

Guard: Secure the area!

[The guards takes the President to run for cover. Mason, fire the trigger killing the guards one by one, leaving the President alone. Ripley jumps onto the stage and walk toward the President.]

Ripley: You promised that you make the world better.

[She aim her the President's head.]

Ripley: Well you were wrong.

[She pulls the trigger and kill the President.]

Ripley: Victory is ours! (She throw the gun away and raise both arms.)

Ripley: Victory is...uh?

[She is shock when she the general from her boot camp.]

Ripley: Oh crud.

[She runs away from the stage.]

Ripley: Come in solders listen up there been a change of plan.

[Cut to Nico, Mason, and Evangelene make a break for it.]

[Cut to Ripley about to be home free, but gets corner by surround of soldiers. With no where to escape, Ripely surrounded herself and the soldiers arrested her.]

[Cut to Nico, Mason, and Evangelene arrive at the van outside the White House entrance.]

Nico: Where Ripley?

Mason: She'll be here.

Toll: (shock) Um, guys?

[They spots Ripley takes into custody by the soldiers. The camera reveals Mason, Evangelene, Toll, and Nico are shock of they sees Ripley taking away.]

Nico: So now what?

Toll: There only we can do? Leave town and go on our own.

[The scene cuts to a television newscast, joining a newscaster.]

Newscaster: We interrupt this programming to the latest news bulletin.

[Cut to broadcasting Ripley's mug shot.]

Newscaster: Ripley Connor

[Cut back to the news program]

Newscaster: Is arrested and have been convict for the murder of the President of United States. She is sentenced to death by firing squad. She is the first women become legends throughout the globe. Her only chance to freedom now well be her death.

[Cut to drum calls execution. We see Ripley is taken to the firing line for execution with her hands tied. She walks against the wall and is blindfolded.]

Ripley: Do I get one last request?

[The commander nods]

Sergeant: Alright, what is your last request?

Ripley: How about one last smoke

[The commander nods]

Sergeant: Very well.

[Two soldiers approaches to Ripley. One soldier untie Ripley's right hand, while the other one giving her a cigarette and light it up with a lighter. Using the right hand, Ripley inhale the smoke and blow a smoke ring. This continues twice, until Ripley then tosses the cigarette away in the ground. A soldier tied Ripley's right hand, knowing she is finish smoking, the soldier exits and continued the execution.]

[Cut to the view of a city, zooms out to reveal Ripley's gang looks out the view somewhere far away.]

[Goofs: Ripley's gang are wearing biker outfit and on their own motorcycles.]

Nico: (thinking) So I'll meet you later on in the place where you have gone.

[Cut back to Ripley]

Ripley: I regret is I have only one life to give for the goods of the America people.

Commander: Ready!

[The soldiers pull out their rifle.]

Commander: Aim!

[The soldiers aim their rifle at Ripley.]

Commander: Fir!

[The camera revels to the soldiers' hand triggering their rifles. Cut to Ripley's hands clenching her fists. Cut back to Ripley, shedding a tear on her cheek. As of guns shot as is fades to black screen.]